Watch This BEFORE Ceramic Coating Your Vehicle


  1. helo coastie

    Instead of using a companies prep spray, why not just use a 80/20 Iso/H20 mix to remove anything on the paint to get to a naked car?

  2. Michel Linschoten

    I did my old 1988 truck (white) and my 2018 camaro (BLACK) is was not difficult. But man you need to make sure you apply it right on black and really take your time with it to make it look perfect. What i do, is use a DAMP mf cloth, apply it to the panel to be coated. Then i apply the coat (the water nicely disperses it) then let it slightly haze and with a CLEAN DRY mf cloth circular motion over it. It will look like it vaporizes and for sure DO NOT TOUCH IT !!! Let it harden least couple hours in the garage..

    I need to make a video of the results, i am very impressed with it…especially the price it costs to get the coating i used 9h 10usd 9ml..

  3. Hironori Taniguchi

    I have a question. I heard I need to cure the cramic coating. can I place a cover on the car while curing or is it OK to leave it uncovered and with the dust falling on top of the applied area while curing?


    For F'ks Sake…. Almost 5 minutes of Fast Forwarding and you STILL haven't got to the point of your video title. Thumbs Down bro. Stop talking about random and useless shit.


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