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Water is the Basis of Life – Heifer International Gives Families Easy Access to Clean Water

Most farmers depend on buckets to irrigate a small piece of land. And not just that, they also have to cover a very long distance to fetch that bucket of water. As a farmer, the issue of water is really a problem in our community As you can see, I have many activities that require water. There’s the livestock, kitchen and gardening. My garden area is big, but I just use part of it because there’s not enough water. The importance of water is so high in everything that we do; including protecting ourselves from disease. Dirty water carries an enormous number of bacteria, viruses, nematodes you name it. There are communities where you see animals drinking from the same source that humans depend on. So water not only is necessary for life, but clean water is an absolute must to protect life. We are not providing water for household
consumption, we are going beyond that to include water for agriculture. By having irrigation systems, farmers have the opportunity of planting year round. Which will bring in a lot of income for them. They are able to grow year round
very high-value crops. It could be tomatoes. It could be peppers. It could be onions. And with the production of that kind of high-quality crop they can go to
market and get a very good return on their labor. During the dry season milk
production levels are very low because of the absence of the water. by providing
water for our farmers we are able to increase production eight times more. That means the farmers are able to sell more milk and get more money, which will improve their living income. There are a lot of hand pumps that have been
provided in communities, but unfortunately they did not last long. The community informed us that yes, they got this well. It was only built and
installed and passed on to them. They have no idea about what to do when it’s
broken. Who will do repairs? Whether water will be provided for free or not. These are very important issues that have to be discussed and agreeing with them from the onset is very important in ensuring the sustainability of those interventions. Our vision was to have portable clean water. When this project comes, our dreams will surely be fulfilled.

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