Water, Oceans, and Wildlife Subcommittee Hearing


  1. McNab

    I find it very disturbing that seemingly intelligent committee chair can be so irrational and accept the overtly political 'science' of the doomsday cultists without any question. Huffman's ad hominem attacks on Patrick Moore and in particular his willingness to perpetuate Greenpeace's Stalinesque re-writing of history with regard to Moore being a founding member is despicable.

  2. John Smith

    97%….the de-facto stance to shut down conversations, take a look at 1:12:10 for some background on the often touted number…..Closing "arguments" start at 1:28:30 with the usual fact-less political statements, in particular the ad hominem from the chairman at 1:29:33 (you know as general rule that when counter argument depends on ad hominem, you've won the argument), a better and more factual closing is at 1:34:57, then followed by an additional ad hominem at 1:40:08…….

  3. vlanomo

    Exxon Knew about Climate Change almost 40 years ago

    A new investigation shows the oil company understood the science before it became a public issue and spent millions to promote misinformation

  4. Trevor Marr

    The only negative to a 1ppm Global, Annual, Average (Maybe) variation of a life giving Trace gas called CO2, is the HUGE decrease in IQ it has caused in the Left.

  5. Trevor Marr

    As always we need Optimization of capable energies, not Agenda Driven Subsidization of incapable energies while Restricting capable energies! That is called UN/IPCC Population Control!

  6. Trevor Marr

    We the People need to say enough is enough!!! Keep Calm, emit on… of course emit responsibly, but we will never get to the capabilities of the Jetsons, by restricting our advancement with only the energies of the Flintstones!

  7. Trevor Marr

    Reality is mocking the Doomsayers! Thank you Patrick Moore! Thank you Marc Morano! The Climate Cult need every Human on Earth to Reject them! It is Them or Us!

    Catastrophic Climate Change is Mann-Made-Up! Government Change is Man and Woman Made! The People need to refute any Government that is pushing the Catastrophic Climate Agenda!

  8. Trevor Marr

    The Voice of Sanity is missing within the Climate Cult! How can I get a 35 year Mortgage when the Leftist Gov'ts are telling us the World will end in 12 years??? @JustinTrudeau? Get ready @AndrewScheer!

  9. Trevor Marr

    Eco-hypocrisy ends when laws are upheld. In a World Class Regulated North America, oil and fossil fuels, used by everyone, everywhere, for everything are a cure, not a curse at all!

  10. Lance Winslow

    Beware the Eco-Terrorists who want to destroy capitalism, nations, and bring on the Fourth Reich, we should have no part of it and send the IPCC, UN, and global socialists packing. The Chairman here went out of his way to make any scientific opposition to the Global Warming Agenda look bad. We don't need that kind of a Chairman on this sub-committee, and we don't need to be involved as a government with this global scam.


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