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Weather Based Irrigation Controllers

Today we’re going to be discussing the
use of weather-based irrigation controllers and how important they are
for water conservation. Weather-based irrigation controller is a controller
that waters based on the weather and a few other factors. So it looks like a
regular conventional controller but it’s got a couple other things: like a weather
sensor that measures sunlight, the wind speed and then if it rains it also shuts
it off on its own. When you have a conventional controller
the controller does exactly what you tell it to do. If you don’t change it
between summer and fall watering and it continues watering the same
exact thing. Once we convert it to a weather based
controller that takes all that guesswork and all that extra work out of it
because based on the weather on-site it changes the amount of watering that
the plants need based on the season so that is the greatest difference and
usually you can get up to a minimum of a 20% savings just by programming the
weather based part of it. EMWD serving our community today and tomorrow.

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