WEBE Gullah/Geechee #8-Cash Crops

they're people like identical to get your near someone yet but the cash crop let's see the cotton well coming up right Kim it this shuttle way come from al-kabun on a second with enmity free who then called black gold there Meno so we make a free this you can either go to but we now pawn yeah deceive your job from Madagascar with some of the family still from the rhythm of course rice course then I use this your talk and see how I can still kind yeah and I see we the finest young yeah you could go and you wanna see this your to so this yeah that IND cool so Hana children look we're deeply look nicer no but I can see all are we right charlie these are so lighting still dia in the Shaolin punish see my hundred a coyote just Yellin even now the Hawaii anymore but who we be who I wanna and Yeti and they're coming up for cracking teeth with this show got a geeky family

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  1. Yes Honey Yes

    My ma say Geeche is rice and I never knew what she meant. But it's all clear now. I don't know if this is useful information but my mommas last name is Huger and she has a big family down in SC. I did research on a man with the last name huger who lived in sc and was a plantation owner. He's in Wiki. I think this man had my family. I would have to do more research but I think it's interesting to look into.


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