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WEEK 2: Rare Spawn Hunt! | What Items Should You Farm? | Borderlands 3

hey guys, so you know that its week 2 of borderlands
10yr anniversary, i decided to make a video on every rare spawn, and hopefully save you
some time on farming useless ones. just few mentions before we start, its a rare spawn
so the guy might not be there when u come for like 5 times in a row, and it also wont
drop legendary every time so even if hes there it still might take hours before u actually
get the drop. sometimes its better to restart the game or switch mayhem modes around and
try again, or sometimes just give up and come back another time. also all of these enemies
are easter eggs to games or movies. 1. Rakkman – to find this dude u have to go
to Carnivora in Pandora, then you need to run thorugh and get to the checkpoint next
to the car spawn, from here u be spawning in and driving towards this little seperated
cave on the map, and thats where the rakkman aka batman is, he drops a wepon called night
flyer and its actually not bad, deals good enough dmg and it goes full auto if u are
in the air, it will also leave the enemy at 1hp, and wont be able to kill him, guess thats
good for teamwork and shit, if u r more of a solo guy then this is a waste of time, and
i guess only good as a collectible since you wont be using it in a fight.
2. El Dragon Jr – drops an artifact called unleash the dragonm i got lucky and got it
from first time, i would recommend for everyone to get this item just in case they ever need
a full fire element build, since this artifact is all about fire, i assume maybe moze and
amara can profit from it the most, since it adds fire to everything you do, even if u
plan to never play other vh i still say u get it now and stash it, just in case, maybe
u will or maybe new vh comes out that is based around fire element etc. to get it go on the
planet eden 6 to the jakobs estate, from here on its pretty close, you need to run towards
this eridium sight thing and the enemy spawns from this waterfall so if u dont see him,
restart. 3. Road Dog – dropst a shotgun called redline,
pretty crappy shotgun, they should of used some double barrel jacobs shotgun for this
since it would fit with overwatch hero but whatever, i say dont waste ur time but if
u do want it as collectible, go to pandore, the splinterlands chop shop, and drive towards
this middle section up here, next to the vending machines, road hog should come out around
this area. im going to skip through random drops such
as indotyrant, force troopers, dfemoskaggon and etc. only talking about unique items in
this video. 4. The Unstoppable – drops a shield called
band of sytorak, also you should waste some time to get this just cuz it might be handy
if u want your shield to be broken all the time, it will give you more health, firerate
and weapons dmg. i feel like its a good item to stash for some specific builds taht you
might need them for, if u want to farm this go on to eden 6, area ambermine, its close
from rogues hallow, ull have to walk allitle bit to the checkpoint, but then from here
u can reach the unstopable spawn zone in few seconds, i farmed this for 4 hours on mayhem
3 and got nothing but when i came back later on it dropped from first time, so it might
take some time. 5. Thunk & Sloth – drop a granade called its
piss, this item is a must, if u dont get anything from this list you should totally get this
one, first it clears status effect from ur alies if u hit them with it, so like a support
item but the most important is that it will increas ur dmg by 20% to the enemies hit by
it for 6 seconds, which is amazing, so unless u got a better then that granade i say u farm
this bad boy, once again its on pandora, area called konrads hold, pretty close from the
fast travel, just get to this circle looking thing, and the sloth spawns on the top up
here. 6. Maxitrillion – drops a shotgun called the
horizon, honestly a waste of time, i though teh stats looked good so farmed it for like
4 hours but the dmg output is meh on this thing. i say skip since its annoying to get
here too, but if for wahtever reason u want to do it its on eden 6, varacious canopy,
u will have to walk all the way to the genivi check point, the little robbot spawns in this
room, but u better run past it and save at the bosses location since its way closer then
running from anotehr side, also if u a r really unlucky u can farm geniviv for a break, again
took me hours and i didnt get it but when i came back on another day got it on my second
drop, but as ive said u better skip this. 7. Borman Nates – psycho stabber legendary
pistol, its a cool item u get to even see the knifes it shoots, but it sucks and theres
way better weapons, if u want it as a collectible got to meridian outskirts and promethea, and
drive towards this bridge, he spawns on top, near the hole. otherwise skip this trash.
8. Princess Tarantella II – Hive, Leegendary rocket launcher. its pretty weak, thers way
better rocket lounchers, but u can just quickly shoot it and swap weapon to fight, since the
projectiles will fly on their own its an okay source of passive dmg on the side, to get
this you have to go to pandora, the splinterlands again, to the chop shop area, then get a vehicle
and ride towards this trampline on the map, before u get too close she should crawl out.
as ive said the dmg out put is not that great so i recommend to skip.
9. Urist McEnforcer – Masterwork Crossbow. the biggest dissapointment on the list, the
stats looked amazing but it sucks, i would definetelly say skip this, but if for whatever
reason u want it go to lectro city, and get to the checkpoint right here which is the
closest one, just from outside of this checkpoint u can enter the underground pass these bandits
here and get to this little door where this guy comes out from, but instead of this crap
i say go back to these bandits, do the code with the tvs and kill one punch man, the one
pump chump is way better sniper then this shitty crossbow.
so yea herer it is guys, i would only recomend 3 or max 4 items on this list, everything
else is kinda crappy, but i still got everything since i want to collect all the legendaries
in the game. thanks for watching, dont forget to subscribe and like for more borderlands
3 content it helps me out alot, and i see you in the next one. bye


  1. The Edje of Gaming Author

    You are wrong about something at the very start of the video….the rare spawns DO spawn every single time right now, for the event. Saying they "might not" is misleading, because if they don't show up it means the person doesn't have the micropatch that even enables the event.

  2. evildead edd Author

    Dude the redline is amazing, it's a torgue butcher. Use sticky bullets and unload on anything outside a boss and it's dead in a split second. I keep a fire one in my load out to delete anointed as soon as they appear.

  3. Zach Applegate Author

    this guy apparently doesnt realize what guns are good and that some guns are shitty but do cool things, do you even know what horizon does?

  4. Cinnamon Roll Author

    I farmed, those power ranger wannabes soooo long, can someone please tell me if the blastmaster comm is an actual drop? Ive gotten literally every other class mod except that one

  5. Vizual Warrior Author

    Ehhh… they SHOULD spawn everytime. Also, the hive (with the right build) is extremely good. I’m looking at all you radiation/explosive splash damage builds out there. (Specifically Fl4ks gamma build, but u know, everyone uses fade away so meh)

  6. Yeager Author

    I've been farming road dog a ton and when I kill him I got no xp and he drops 0 loot I know it's not guaranteed but is it normal to get nothing? Or do I have to have the quest available?


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