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Welcome to Daddykirbs Farm

how do you grow your own food how do you raise chickens is this a chicken ducks are goats hard to care for what does it mean to be self-sufficient these were questions I asked before I moved to the farm now I’m on a journey to learn as much as I can and share as much as I can about growing food and raising animals and becoming more self-sufficient you Oh


  1. Linda Penney Author

    Awesome update and thank you for sharing I feel you are doing a grand job and the family seem to look happier since you moved God Bless

  2. WI Libertarian Author

    I like the new intro video. I enjoy your channel, I hope to follow a similar path in a few years after I stock away some more money.

  3. wildchook (Mary) Author

    It’s a great ad Blake! The part of the chooks and other animals following you in the orchard is PER-FECT as Pop Larkin would say  🙂

  4. Alberta Urban Garden Simple Organic and Sustainable Author

    Fantastic intro my friend !

    To my other friends if you have yet to check out Blake's channel please do so it's fantastic !

  5. Julie Simko Author

    Thanks to Ray just stumbled upon your channel.  Love!!! Your son is very sweet and love that he shares the vids with Dad. <3  So what state are you in?  

  6. bassim alim Author

    Blake is great
    He talks with you and explain things while he is learning them.  He deals with you on the same level and not as someone flaunting his knowledge or talking down to you.

  7. Valeria De Leon Author

    Hey Blake! I absolutely love your videos and I aspire to be self sufficient in the future just like you are. I’m really young and really don’t know anything about the animal care side of it. Could you do a video on the financial aspect of things? I have no idea what it takes to have time for all of this while having a full time job to be able to pay for all your animal feed and your house/car bills plus having a few kids. That would really help!

  8. Mapleberry Farm Author

    Hey, just found out about your channel from +goforgreenliving and look forward to catching up on some more of your content. We are just getting started with homesteading so love meeting people doing a similar thing.

  9. Lazy Bunny Creations & Homestead Author

    Stopping by from the White house on the hill. Looking forward to catching up on all your videos. Love your animals.


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