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Welcome to Our Farm – Harwinder Singh Grewal and Farm – Bhola Shola

Hello, Namaskar, Sat Shri Aakal, Adav My name is Harwider Singh Grewal. I am owner of Grewal Pet Shop and Farm Hi friends There is a good news for you Like we do live show on every Tuesday and Thursday Because of your lots of Request of my all Dear friends about paid live show ..which will be organized every first and third saturday of month. And in this paid live show there are many unique things but the most important thing is as you watch me Now i can watch you there were many diseases and problems Like Feed,medicine to show me You had to comment Now you will be able to show me Your dog’s situation like medicine or deseases so i can see them I will guide you in better way so that what you have to do and how do Now varun sir asking me a Question for live, this is a small demo live you can ask me this type of question regarding anything about your dog Hello, Grewal sir this is my dog please analyse him so if they have any problem And Viewers …. like you see me similarly Grewal sir will be able to watch you Hi Friends You were requesting me for farm video But, I was requesting that Due to the construction in farm so give us time Some part has completed not half I think,I have approximately 10 to 12 cages has build now 30 to 40 are pending Now this is my small farm video and i will send proper video after some time because construction work are not properly done Like what method use to build a farm what is the right way i will tell you in my next video with proper detail There are my some friends like puppy they all are my family member so i would like to start with now i will speak to my friends Maggi come on?/ Maggi ,come on Maggi this is my pemalinium or no no no and this pemalinium is whitepocket size but my wife put him heena dye his so we can see him red orrange in his body this is my pug her name is mini she is also female And Maggi is also female bella,Husky bella,Husky…. Come on This is Bella She is Eight month old She is very sweet,Cute ,frank And my famly member Then jenny,come on,she is Rottweiler Bread she is Twenty Nails dog some people think that she is very lucky but same for me he is very funny Guys Name Tyson all days here construction work was running Whole day labour use cement material then he is dirty with dust this time is for his bathing for video shoot we could not make dog bath After this video i will go for bath so he will clean and feel relax and sleep very comfortably she is jenny ,jenny come on say hello|| She is Angry because whole day i am doing work with my labour because i want to make video Even in any cost So she is some moody and she like to play with me but today i do not give time to her sorry jenny! This is lain come on you are also angry with me come on! she is not long cout i dont want to say. she is normal courted she is angulashion bread come on stand up! comeon,coe outside. AS all of you know German shepherd breed does very shy Next Friend This is British Labrador it is overweight. And we give Name Moto with love she is small Labrador and sweet. She is also Labrador and he is my friend dog who live in Mumbai and he leaving the dog to me . now i am doing take care of my friend dog And this is some mix breed her name is Raddish. and another is mixed rottviller and she is also live in my home. and i give meals with all and i try to take care of alldog NOw i have approximately 11 to 12 breed Including street dog smarty. and smarty is my first dog who is street dog. and he go outside for walk. he go outside before10 minute and i want to chain him but he dont like. and these are my friends and this video is for you. and my small family nearly 11 to 12 dog of my family member they all are everyting for me . these all are my waheguru , god my work everything for me now i am not showing you whole area and huge construction work is left today i do work with my labour Before some time these all are live in my old farm this is a new house of my dog family this is my small video with all of your request And i dont want to dissappoint to any one this is my small video and i hope you all would like to like my video he is very dirty you accept this rottviller but its all like labrador. but this bella she is vey funny her behaviour is very naughty and active always. so firnds ok thankyou . please give me some more time In a next few days this farm will total build up! i will plant a tree so that my dog feel comfortable in summer. In every season one farm will build how you will use in summer and winter. i will give you proper support I will guide you And sorry for late video this video is shoot from before 31st August Due to the some problem Ok thankyou very much sir! see you next time in my farm And give you best way how to build a farm How much space are required for farm which floor is suitable for pregnant female dog if you keep a Aggressive dog And for meeting or meeting stand is also available i hope in this farm i will give you delivery video and meeting video Demo how meeting is done will shoot every scene for you I hope you will like video and this is my small farm i Make every one happy Thank you Friends! Take care of your family thanks friend for watching my video As all you know In Fan of the month competition who will share my video in facebook and Twitter rather than other And third which will first comment i will announce three winner as you know please my friend if your Dog has any problem please search that video in my app 90% video are available about your dog related problem And medicine or Solution are available Please download and watch my Video Now one more benefits of my video before 24 hours Those people are download my video All video are available in my app as compare you tube viewers Because in my app before 24 hours video is processing These competition for my friends who are my Subscriber so Please my friend firstly like my page so that i willshow you more video And fast comment please Subscribe my channel And press the button of bell! SO that you can take participate in my competition ANd in my video Buying option is also available please comment for purchasing i will give you home delivery in your home so please friend subscribe my channeal And Download my page.WWW.BHOLASHOLA.COM


  1. Subhankar Das Author

    this is not like a farm.this looks like a jail for dogs.even no water given for them..shame on you! only for making money.sorry for the poor dogs!

  2. Parthvi Singh Author

    Sholla Bhola
    You’re dog breeder right?
    Really funny how you call them “family” you’re keeping them caged, you’re making the female undergo countless pregnancy, because for dog breeders a dog isn’t family it’s a machine and the puppy is the product which you sell and that’s how you make money. They too have a life stop doing this to animals for Gods sake this is cruelty. And we fucking need to ban dog breeding Asap. You’re literally making money out of selling your “pets” supposed “pets”. Aren’t you morally entitled to giving the puppies to decent homes. But no you just care about the money and that’s what matters to you. You don’t care if the puppy you’re selling has gone to a nice home. Actually no Home can be worse than a dog breeders home. Coz they don’t love animals for them animals are just an investment. PLS STOP DOING THIS BUSINESS THIS IS NOT ETHICAL. For the love of god(ie if your believe in one) stop making money out of getting your female raped 1000 times.

  3. Sourav Das Author

    Sir, Aapka bohot videos hum dekhe hain.. Aapka samjhaneka tarhika mujhe bohot achha lagta hain.. Mera bhi ek Labrador Puppy hain 3.5 months ka.. Thank you for your all suggestion..

  4. vishal yadav Author

    German shepherd Kabi shy nai hote sir aur ek b quality dog nahi hai apka it's a normal quality dog not show quality dog for those u want to see show quality dog search this guys on FB I will put there name with there fav dogs
    Ramesh ke (German shepherd) Mukund Joshi (labrador) sheeshpal (rottweiler) Piyush mohite Arun etc (Doberman) Gauri mam from Pune (great Dane )

  5. zuby zuby Author

    Hi sir Meera Beagle pregnant 38 days ho gayi hai Kitne Din Mein baby ho jayegi please mujhe boliye… Aur Baby ko kya khilana chahie…

  6. yuvraj singh Author

    agar apse glte hui hai too aap is pr video bnao… or us customer ke bto ka rply kro…hope aap ache se rply doge…

  7. Nishant Sharma Author

    Sir plzz aapki help chiye thi mene shok k liye ek pitbull ki female li thi ek doctor k bolne pr mene cross krva diya ab bcche ho gye usko …….vo bekne kha h plzz btaiye 8700844387

  8. swapnil Bhaskar Author

    मेरे पास 3 स्ट्रीट डॉग्स है । क्या कोई अडॉप्ट कर सकता है

  9. Titli Biswas Author

    You put a Siberian Husky in a cage without giving any fan or ac or water. Wow man what a dog lover👏👏👏 This is what Indians do bloody heartless inhumans. Show offs!!! Paisa sabkuchh hai na? I guess you are not familiar with karma, don't worry you will be. Itna ghamand achcha Nahi hai. Baddi baddi batein khali. Disgusting!!!!

  10. Grace Jackson Author

    What the Hell is rong with you just why they have no exercise they sit in that cage all day long they have no food no water and not even a bed to Lie on I am reporting this it’s animal cruelty SAY NO TO PUPPY FARMS ! 🐶😡😫

  11. Raaz kumar Author

    Sir iss farm me leb puppy ko kitne age se rakhna h or kya dog isme poty kr sakte h ya nhi bahut shok h sir 3/4 dog rakhne ka bas poty problen ke karan nhi rakh pate h plz help me sir

  12. duaa amin Author

    Gsd female hy 3 months ki abhi bhi bite krti hy us ka kia hl hy toys ky sthnhi khelti hmy pkrti hy or kbhi kbhi bht agfressive ho jati hy iska gussa kesy thnda krain isky liye kuch bta dijye

  13. k. s Author

    ये कुत्ते आपको देख कर ऐसे भोक रहे है और आपको देखकर अनजान जैसा व्यवहार कर रहे है इससे लगता है कि ये डॉग फॉर्म आपका नही है

  14. prayag pets Author

    I do dog supply work in a canal in Allahabad You must give a chance to do some work in your canal We would love it Thank you sir This is my contact number 9415032015


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