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Welcome to the Woodman Horticultural Research Farm

welcome to Woodman farm my name is
Evan Ford and I manage this facility we are at UNH we are part of the New
Hampshire Agricultural Experiment Station we are one of five primary research facilities we operate on federal and state funds to
facilitate research in different areas including aquaculture, sustainableagriculture,
natural resources and forestry to name a few we are a facility of 155 acres
we have 20 within cultivation our primary job up here basically is to provide
research space as well as teaching and outreach when it comes to the researches we have over
ten researchers here doing a multitude of different research projects we have over
ten faculty bringing their students up here hundreds of students that is to learn
what we do as well as different applications of what’s going on and then
as far as the outreach portion we have field days as well as twilight meetings
and they generally happen at least once if not twice a year

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