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West Galdenoch – a dairy farming case study

I’m Gary Mitchell, I’m a dairy farmer from Stranraer in South West Scotland. When I first started dairying they’d do 3 times a day milking, so I probably didn’t do it the conventional way by going to the newspapers I just went to the job centre. And it was through the school Neil Hyslop introduced me to DYW. Then I was lucky enough to get put on the board. And even now I go to farmers and speak do you know what DYW is? And they look at me then I explain. Since we started the milking in 2007, we’ve probably had over 30 young people and most of them, A majority of them could stay 2 to 3 years because you know we don’t know what the younger generation are expecting and I think it’s great working in that DYW team now. We’re now engaged actively in our industry with schools, directly and I think that’s a big positive. I’m Jordan Marshal, I’m an apprentice dairyman at West Galdenoch Farm. One of the teachers at the school I went and spoke to him about getting a work experience job and he said what did I want to be and I told him a Dairyman. I would go away on days to the Barony, While I was at school. While I was there they put me though some courses but just apprentice courses Well I started off as a calf rearer, and then after that I went on to milking in the parlour. You started off wiping them, and putting the clusters on. As you got better you hopefully be put onto the other one by brushing and dipping, stripping the cows. Set up and supported by Scottish Government, Developing the Young Workforce Dumfries and Galloway works to address the issues of the region’s future workforce and economic challenges. To find out more call 01387 702156 connect with us on facebook and twitter or look at our website.

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