natural resources are all that exists without the actions of humankind this includes all natural characteristics such as magnetic gravitational and electrical properties and forces on earth we include sunlight atmosphere water land includes all minerals along with all vegetation and animal life that naturally subsists upon or within the heretofore identified characteristics and substances particularly is such as the rain forests and Vadhu Hiva are often characterized by the biodiversity and geo diversity existent in their ecosystems natural resources may be further classified in different ways natural resources are materials and components something that can be used that can be found within the environment every man-made product is composed of natural resources at its fundamental level a natural resource may exist as a separate entity such as fresh water and air as well as a living organism such as a fish or it may exist in an alternate form which must be processed to obtain the resource such as metal ores mineral oil and most forms of energy there is much debate worldwide over natural resource allocations this is partly due to increasing scarcity depletion of resources but also because the exportation of natural resources is the basis for many economies particularly for developed nations some natural resources such as sunlight and air can be found everywhere and are known as ubiquitous resources however most resources only occur in small sporadic areas and are referred to as localized resources there are very few resources that are considered inexhaustible will not run it in foreseeable future these are solar radiation old thermal energy and air though access to clean air may not be the vast majority of resources are exhaustive all which means they have a finite quantity and can be depleted if managing properly

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