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What are the Best Pinch Drips for Micro Irrigation?

(upbeat music) – So, what I’ve got in my
hand is a two litre an hour pressure compensating Antelco pinch drip. Antelco have had this
product for I’m gonna guess about four or five years? – Eight or nine. – Eight or nine, man! Talk to me about this dripper. – Okay, sonically welded together. So, you cannot pull it apart. And there is a rubber
diaphragm inside that if you want to see how it operates, go to our webpage and look
at the pinch drip video. And it shows you the inner workings of it. That’s a red, so it’s two litre an hour. Black, four litre an hour. Green, eight litre an hour. Self-piercing barb so you
can push it in easily. It’s quite good on your fingers, so if you’ve only got a few to do which makes ’em good for the home gardener. – Yep. – Can push that in without any tool. And four mill tube fits on that. – So you can run that out to your plant. – So you can run that out to the plant. You could have your 13 mm feeder tube, or 19 mm whatever size you’ve got and run your feeder tube off. So, good design. – [Clint] So you’ve gone
out to market and gone, “Let’s make something
that is easy to install, “you can do it with your fingers.” – Yep.
– And this is that product. – [Darren] Yep, that’s right. – There ya go, so the Antelco pinch drip.

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