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What Growers Say About BaseStation – Valley Irrigation

BaseStation has changed the way I farm. I’m
able to get more work done with less people, I’m able to have more time at home. I’m able
to choose when I want to come out to the farm and work on irrigation. I know when there’s
an emergency and I know when there are things that can wait and fit my schedule instead
of my schedule being dictated by the pivots. We have 15 pivots that we use on the Valley
BaseStation and the greatest benefits are just the fact of always knowing that when
you need the water on, that water is on. It is nice to be able to activate the pivots
and change direction or change speed and not have to physically drive to the pivot to do
that. I can bring it up on my phone and tell it to do what I want it to do. And I can make
it happen, so that’s a real favorite thing. Some of my favorite features are being able
to control it remotely, knowing that being able to set variable programs for half circles
and constantly being able to change your depth and check up on it. Knowing that just being
able to monitor your pump stations that you have on it. To be able to watch discharge
and incoming pressure. I have been using remote control and telemetry
products for nearly 18 years and the ease of use with the Valley BaseStation is something
that I haven’t always seen in the industry. With the Valley BaseStation I definitely have
a lot more free time on my hands. I’m able to go out and enjoy life a little more and
you always have the comfort of knowing that everything is still going fine at home. That
the farm’s still on track and you don’t have work to do when you get home.


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