1. Camilo Andres Martinez Aldaya

    I'd love to know how they managed to bend the laws of thermodynamics and have the down side from the piston, wich is farther from the heat source, at a higher temperature than the top side that it's facing the flame itself.

  2. Allabout TheWoodrows

    Only problem I see with coating pistons is whe the coating wears off what do you do constant reapply? Just doesn’t make sense on a daily burner

  3. charlie fruirtbat

    So many haters in the comments about the test on the pistons
    You can see the heat reading of the top temperature and then the reading of the underside temperature in one take
    The temperature change can be clearly seen what more proff do you need

  4. ae70gts

    ceramic coating is the stupidest thing ive ever seen
    while ceramic valve covers for example work perfectly cooling the top cover

    ceramic coating does exactly the opposite …. it traps heat inside and make it worse ….
    its a coating OVER metal the whole thing is getting thicker….
    its like gold plating plastic….
    it just looks nice

  5. 7071t6

    YEP all this is total and utter bs, till they show a internal engine with various parts coated in what ever coating they use and then show the same engine with no coatings at all and show how much temp wise its dropped by running the same engines on a dyno, so senors placed in all areas to show oil, water, coolant, glycol and especially heat transfer temps which would occur in the engine bay and transfer heat % in other areas, like the transmission and differential, which is why HSV and chevy has OE Little external collars for all the oils, crank case oil, transmission external coolers and differentials oil coolers, now imagine having the ceramic coatings done on a LSA engine and prove 100% drop of temps just in everyday driving and also what is the % of the engines life and transmission life and Diff life if the HSV GTS was down and then compare when the oils were changed and how much longer in KM did it take before the oil showed its carbon build up,which is total natural for oil to go black/dark brown in color and is the perfect time to change the engine oil, also where are all these race cars we here about, like even the official engine builders for the V8 super cars do not have any ceramic coating on their engines and they are 650+ HP engines running flat out at each race meet and they pull the engine apart and yet no damage at all, why because they change the oil after each race ,they change the coolant at and before each race, all oils are changed, please provide a u tube upload with ioffical temperatures reached with ceramic coating done on all internal engine or other running gear, to prove its a wise investment, compared to changing the oil and coolants and other oils and providing external oil coolers for say engine oil, transmission oil and diff oil and costs compared to pulling a engine apart and transmission and diff apart just to put a ceramic coating v's normal servicing oils and coolants ?

  6. Brandon Foster

    Who would coat their pistons? Like as soon as you start the engine it’s going to turn more black and you can’t even see the pistons.a waste of money.

  7. cvsWebDesigns

    how does the shine look after a year of use? any examples? I know the powder "chrome" looks like crap real quick if you don't coat with a clear, which reduces the luster anyway.

  8. Tazz Man286

    Not a very accurate test on the coated pistons vs Noncoated. The noncoated piston was shown heated all around the whole face of the piston. The coated ones were shown heated in one spot on the center of the piston. Well yeah its going to transfer more heat to the bottom.
    To give an accurate comparison all aspects have to be the same or shown as the same and here its not.
    Very deceptive .

  9. Patrick Walker

    Tatal bs you cant coat something and reduce heat that much if ceramic was that good nasa would use it not gold 😂😂 dont fall for overpriced bs

  10. Даниил Шайтанов

    Вы серьёзно!? Заменять температуру у керамики и у стали при одном и том же коэффициенте излучения? Вы придумали хорошую идею. Но вам нужно обрасти знаниями в материаловедение, обработке и чистке металлов и термографии.

  11. GeneSun

    I wasn't a believer in ceramic coatings until I had a set of headers done. The underhood temp went down over 100 F. and the exhaust temp measured at the middle of the collector went up almost 200 F.

  12. really fast!!

    I thought I was going to be the only one saying how they burned the uncoated piston alot more, closer and longer and the coated pistons less but I see most have noticed it …..pisses me off!!! Why are we surrounded by all these fake ass people, company's etc….just be fucking truthful you dimwits!!!

  13. Chris Badenhorst

    To my knowledge it's just the law of physics … anything that gets hot, expands … and everything on earth gets hot, even diamond. By restricting something's expansion when getting hot, can not be healthy.

    It's an engine that makes use of combustion of fuel and spark, creates a fire inside …. don't tell me you don't expect it to get hot?

    The most expensive car on 4 wheels on the planet has an engine that generates heat, why does that car not have this technology? That prevents the engine parts getting hot, or even warm?

    Looks great, good idea … but the advertising of it is out of line.

    It's a car engine, it is supposed to get hot.

  14. Roy Lee

    That’s not a fair comparison you didn’t have the torch as close to the coated ones as the uncoated one if your gonna do it be fair mate

  15. Novi X

    How long do you guarantee the coating on top of the piston lasts ? I had dart coatings do the tops of my pistons on a supercharged street application and 5k miles later theres no trace of coating left so I cant even tell when it flaked off

  16. codown123

    Fml did they say to use coating on the piston is this a joke why would people think that’s smart. putting a ceramic coating would either last because ceramic is harder than steel. it would wear in your piston sleeves. or secondly it would break down long before ur piston does and just create contaminates around ur piston rings and actually cause u to loose compression and power.

    Prove me and all the commenters wrong and post a real test video it’s got my interest.

  17. Whatyoudo

    why bother doing the heat test if your going to just cut the test out? "here you see we did it, no need see how we did it just believe us" Your tests make me not trust you.

  18. Red Rooster

    I saw a guy using a supposed ceramic coating on his car bodywork in the USA! Its only silicon in a bottle by the looks but its selling for up to $USD4,300 for a 200ml bottle in a fancy box!

  19. LDN Wholesale

    A couple of things. When or if ceramic coated pistons gets chipped it then causes shitloads of detonation. I have seen a drag car engine that seemingly swallowed a stone and in turn chipped the ceramic which in turn detonated the engine to death. Plus it interferes with proper skirt expansion as well. Teflon skirt coating wears off sooner than it should. Federal Mogul pistons are sometimes treated this way.
    The ceramic coating on headers chips off way too easily as well. Waste of time on speedway headers. And I have seen headers off an engine [that same drag engine] that had the usual rust in them after being supposedly coated inside and out.
    It does however reduce pipe heat externally. I know of a Chev truck though that coated the whole exhaust and the exhaust sagged in the middle! Holding more heat in the pipes, which is good BUT not ideal in that situation. Though the bad is you cannot see a lean situation as the pipes do not glow

  20. Chico Haze

    I’m the type of guy when you tell me it’s 45-60 minutes to shine and the longer you leave it the better the result. I’m the one that wants to leave it the whole day.

  21. S H

    If powder coating is properly and fully cured, it will NOT wipe off. The fact that you used an improperly cured example to demonstrate the superiority of your ceramic , makes me distrust everything you say and do.

  22. Paul Fenchel

    If the headers and header pipe from the engine to the turbo is ceramic coated is it still worth while to wrap the same to aid in heat retention.?

  23. leakforme

    Incredibly disingenuous and misleading video! Ceramic coatings can be amazing but this video is full of falsehoods.

    The comparison of the piston coatings shows that either you know nothing of emissivity, thermal conductivity, and thermal mass OR you know exactly what they are and are trying to mislead the viewer.

    In either case, a fool or a lier, you have proven untrustworthy. You will not get my business.

  24. Adriano Cisternino

    Why are you testing with different pistons? I would have thought that for the test to be fair you would need to use the same pistons!

  25. Robert Armagno II

    How do I get in touch with this company? I have a MV Agusta F4RR that I just put on a Termignoni full racing exhaust and I want to have it ceramic coated!


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