What is Cultivating Collaboration for Collective Impact?

My name is Sander Mager, I’m the Managing
Director of AgriProFocus. AgriProFocus is about cultivating collaboration for collective impact, because we believe that different stakeholders working together is the only
way to address the complex challenges that come with the sustainable development goals.
So, if it is really about ‘how can we transform the food system?’, so it creates opportunities
for farmers, that it delivers on nutrition, that it is gender-sensitive and that it is
climate resilient…Those are all challenges that really require the collaboration of these
different stakeholders. Working together, to change the system and create real impact.
And that is why AgriProFocus is facilitating that collaboration. Collective impact for me is really about changing our food system, so it becomes more sustainable, more equitable, more profitable and we can deal with all the challenges that are facing us like climate
change for instance. And collective impact is not just doing a project and working on
small issues, but also addressing the bigger picture. And for that bigger picture, you
need to work with all the other stakeholders, some of whom might have the same view on the
problem and the solutions as you have, but also work with people who might have a different
perspective on things and through that collaboration, by learning from each other and learning with
each other, we can come up with solutions that can really make an impact. It has been a real pleasure to be here in Tanzania and for instance to visit here the business drinks of the AgriProFocus network, because that’s where it all starts. It doesn’t immediately
start with big projects and big programs, it starts with people knowing each other,
it starts with people relating to each other, trusting each other, and it starts with people
sharing what goes well, but also what struggles they encounter. And that is what I see here;
a lot of people exchanging ideas, exchanging experiences, sharing what they are proud of,
but also saying: ‘hey, this is something I cannot solve alone and this is something where
I might need some collaboration’. So for me, that is the real power that AgriProFocus brings
here to these business drinks. And it is about linking, learning and leadership to make agribusiness work for development!

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