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Hello friends, How are you ? In this video we’ll talk about ”Dry Socket” will understand it.. also we’ll talk about it’s prevention and treatment.. so must watch the video til end.. I’m Dr. Harishankar Soni & you are watching ”Easy Dentistry” let’s start.. let’s talk about dry socket, what is it generally ? we also called it ”Alveolar Osteitis” This is a complication seen after the extractions/surgical procedures the name dry socket is on its appearance its named dry socket because extraction socket looks dry in this complication so its named dry socket is on its appearance pain in this condition is moderate to severe.. and pain is throbbing in nature.. signs of infection is generally absent in this like fever, erythema, swelling is absent in this patient feels the pain moderate to severe pain….generally severe pain occurs in this condition.. dry socket appear after three to four days.. It seen after 3-4 days of extraction/surgery so these are some features of it.. now if we talk about the examination when you examine it on the patient’s mouth.. when you examine the extraction socket.. So that blood clot will look a partially or completely removed. The blood clot on it will either be a little or not at all and there you can see the exposed socket.. dry socket generally seen in 2% of cases of the normal extraction this percentage increases in the 3rd molar/disimpaction cases generally it seen in the lower third molar disimpaction cases upto 20% Let’s talk about it’s prevention that how will be prevent it ? so that chances of occurring it decreases Let’s talk about it into the points so first point is Atraumatic surgeries.. whatever extraction or procedure you are doing.. that should be atraumatic if you are doing work on 3rd molar.. so incision and tissue reflection should be clean.. and if you are doing extraction so its better to be atraumatic as much as possible Second point is Irrigation.. when you completed the procedure.. after that irrigate the socket well.. irrigate the socket with large amount of saline clean the socket well.. third point is Antibiotic.. you can place the antibiotic into the socket you irrigate the the socket/surgical site.. after that you can place antibiotic into that in small amount either you can place it directly or with the gelatin sponge you can be use tetracycline into it fourth point is Pre and post-operative mouth rinse You can get patient’s mouth rinsed well with chlorhexedine before proceeding chances of infection reduces by this also post-operatively.. when you completed the procedure you can suggest the patient that clean the mouth after 24 hours with chlorhexedine or or suggest warm saline gargle, this is also very good for fat healing.. fifth point is patient’s education after the procedure , tell all the instructions very well to the patients tell them all the precautions well.. what he/she can eat or not.. tell them do and dont’s well this is very important.. we talked about prevention , let’s talk about the treatment.. If dry socket happens so how will we treat it ? so first of all , after examine the patient.. do gentle irrigation of the socket.. clean food debris or other material if impacted into the socket.. second point, now we’ll medicate it.. for medication we use Euginol Euginol relives the pain with this we use local anesthetic solution local anesthetic solution relives by anesthetized it/socket.. and with this we use a vehicle.. by that we can place it.. so for that you can use zinc-oxide euginol mix zinc-oxide and euginol well you can take it on gauze or cotton also take the anesthetic solution.. and you have to place it into the socket.. pre-formed solutions are also available named as alvogyl or dry socket paste.. you can use that also.. You have to change this dressing everyday or after one day.. and you have to examine the patient well.. also you can give antibiotics and analgesics with this if required.. generally dry socket heals with in the 7 to 10 days.. so that’s all for this video, will make more videos on dry socket.. In which we’ll talk about different treatment of dry socket and dry socket paste all that.. If this video was helpful to you so please LIKE it.. SHARE it with your friends.. and write in comment section in which topic or treatments you want to watch more videos.. and before going must SUBSCRIBE the channel and click the bell icon.. now you can follow the easy_dentistry on Facebook and Instagram also.. see you soon in the next video with another new topic , Thank you friends..


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