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What is GMO farming and why do farmers use GMOs?

Good morning, my name is Lawson Mozley and
I’m a sixth generation Florida farmer and cattle producer. On our farm, we produce corn,
cotton, soybeans, grass crops and cattle. The question I’m answering is “how do
farmers make their seed choices?”. That’s a very complex question and it’s
a little bit different for every farmer. But on our farm and on most farms, the main factors
that we look at are the cost of the seed itself. But then the factors that greatly outweigh
that are the production level that’s possible with the seeds that we’ve selected. This
is a factor of the actual yield potential – how much corn per acre a certain variety
can produce or how much cotton per acre a certain variety can produce. But then there are other factors such as disease
resistance that we also add into this equation: pest resistance, rate of growth in order to
compete with weeds in the field better and decrease our herbicide use. One of the big things we look at is in
some crops we have the Bt gene, that allows for pest resistance to corn earworm especially
and the corn produces a protein that the earworm cannot digest, so it’s toxic. So, after
consuming a very small amount, the earworm dies before it can cause major damage. Another major factor that’s been beneficial
is the Roundup Ready gene. Roundup is a non-select herbicide, which means when you spray
it, it kills most plants that it comes in contact with. And the Roundup Ready gene allows
us to use Roundup in corn or cotton or soybeans or alfalfa; and not harm the crop while killing
the weeds that are present with only one chemical and often only one application. So that contributes
to a decrease in the cost later in the season. And that all is factors of the potential yield
of a particular variety.


  1. Maui Flutes Author

    Where does "health and nutrition for the consumer" fall on your list of considerations as a farmer? I guess you leave that to the FDA and corporations that sell you the seed to determine?  It's this lack of consideration by the farmers themselves as to why I choose to buy from small independent organic farms and avoid foods made from crops such as these.

  2. Clayton Ziegler Author

    YEA OBVIOUSLY ITS CHEAPER AND THAT IS THE REASON WHY FARMERS CHOOSE IT, PERIOD, END OF STORY. But it is killing us and the earth slowly. Its a shortcut. Problem is there are no shortcuts in life. We are paying for it with our own lives, and the lives of planet earth. One farmer got greedy and started to use GMOs and everyone had to follow to compete. LAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAME


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