1. oksancia

    Which textile design type is your favorite: printed, woven, knitted? Let's share in the comments! 🙂 Mine is printed, but I love all of them 😉

  2. nelly mohammadi

    Very good explanations. Your designs are very nice . Does spoon flower makes double face (two colors) fabrics that you designed in this video.If not what company makes them. Thanks.

  3. Chand Mallick

    Mine is knitted one. I have a question. Is textile design related to the glamour world?? I mean which one of them is more related/close to glamour world like textile design or knitwear design?? Which one….. While what is the difference between knitwear and textile design ?? Hope to hear from you soon…

  4. DesiPink

    Thank you Oksancia for all your videos, I am finding them very helpful! I’m curious, where did you get the woven fabric with your design made? If you already have a video for that, I haven’t found it yet. До побачення (I spent a summer in Ukraine and learned a couple of words ☺️)

  5. Adriana Carusi-DiLiberto

    Hello dear Oksana! Thank you for these videos you put out to help us. I think my top favorite would have to be printed .

  6. Tareyah

    Printed is my favorite! Thank you for explaining the difference between textile design and surface pattern design. I wasn’t sure what they were until now.


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