What to sew with Liberty London fabric – Laurens pattern suggestions!


  1. Vicki Robles

    Thank you, so much, Lauren for your great explanations of the fabric and showing us all what we can make with them. I have come to love Liberty fabrics.

  2. One MercilessMing

    I first heard of Liberty of London when I was a young teen. My mother, during WW II and for some years afterward, had a pen pal in London to whom she sent tinned foods–items that were difficult to obtain in England–during the war. He, in his turn, sent books to her. One book was entitled Uneasy Freehold by Dorothy Macardle. (The Uninvited was its title when published in the USA and then made into a slightly different story in the movie released in 1944.) When Pamela decides to make curtains for what used to be the original family's nursery, she decides on a fabric she's seen in Liberty's–a bright yellow print. I had to ask my mother what Liberty's was and she explained the shop to me. A few years later, I received some lovely print fabric from Liberty's as a gift. The fabric makes up into delightful little girls' dresses when a smocking insert is added to the bodice. Whenever I see Kate and William's daughter, Charlotte, wearing a smocked dress, I wonder if the fabric came from Liberty's and who is smocking the inserts that bring out the fabric's colors so well.

  3. Cathy Gibbs

    OMG I had no idea Liberty offered all these options. I haven't seen these in even the high end stores in NY or San Francisco. (I asked about Viyella, which sounds like your wool/cotton, at Britex in San Francisco and they had never heard of it). Thank you for the education 😀

  4. ollabarabolla

    many years ago, i had a pair of simple, elastic waist Liberty of London floral lawn ankle length summer cotton pants. they were very comfortable in the hot weather as well as beautiful. i would still be able to wear them today if i had not gained weight and they would be still fashionable.

  5. Tina Fisher

    I could take a nose dive into a huge pile of liberty fabric and be happy for my lifetime, if only I had the $ to satisfy that itch!

  6. Maureen Cullen

    I love liberty fabrics and the nostalgia it evokes. The prints and colours seem different from the 70's. Can you still purchase these fabrics prints or would the price be totally prohibitive.I know they have to evolve but I just loved their colours. This vlog was so detailed and interesting,I could look at and listen to you talking about liberty prints all day.

  7. Jan Spenno

    Ooh that was a beautiful video. Didn’t realise you had the swimwear. I have just made the Friday pattern Vernazza and it’s lovely so would be great I. That fabric.
    I am a big fan of the toaster sweater and have made 4 of the one with the funnel neck. Bought some beautiful sweatshirt fabric but it didn’t work. Basically it didn’t have enough stretch. This was disappointing because the fabric is beautiful and I had made a beautiful job of the sewing. When I looked at the pattern, it does say it needs fabric with stretch! My sweatshirt fabric didn’t have enough. Needs 20% stretch

  8. Sonia Butler

    I've always loved liberty fabrics, but hadn't appreciated the variety of weaves or compositions. You really inform and educate us, and I'm really grateful.

  9. Pattymac Knits

    Every single one was beautiful!! Very nice fabric, and I appreciate the explanation of what each fabric type is good for. Pairing the fabric to the pattern recommendation was very helpful.

  10. sewgatormomm

    This was such a helpful and informative video. Thank you so much! I looooove Liberty fabrics but didn’t know there were so many different types available.

  11. Elizabeth McKay

    You explain everything beautifully Lauren! My trouble is the modern patterns are not for my plus figure sadly, and I'm 64 so need appropriate ones😂. I just wish I could come in! Beautiful fabrics. My mother took me from an early age to downtown Toronto fabric shops but I got tired and bored and hot😂, so can't say I liked it!!!! She made everything we wore. I have never made a shirt, nor trousers..But watching you makes me want to try.


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