1. simon newton

    How the Hell is an american explaining this …. RICK MAYLE explained this in the 1980's in 5 seconds with so much JOY on a train.. GOOGLE CROP ROTATION. RIP RICK

  2. cian armstrong

    thanks paul sargent you helped me so much and my exam is tommorrow but i feel that i am going to just smash it thanks to you bro

  3. Richard Nohel

    Paul, I found your video to be both easily accessible for my AP human geography students learning about agriculture, and a thorough discussion of issues that are only briefly covered in most AP human geography textbooks. Thank you!

  4. 刁刁刁

    Thank you so much Paul ! I am so confused about this process  of Parliamentary enclosure. I am eager to know who is tithe owner and their role in the Parliamentary enclosure.

  5. akshay sangwan

    v much thnx for the video
    i hv a doubt
    Were the scientific methods of manure and crop rotation used by us humans for the first time in 17th century only or before also?? if not in england than anywhere else ?? sorry but these methods are very primitive and to me it seems that since humans are cultivating for past 12000 yrs these methods must must have been discovered earlier also and would have remained and transferred by every civilisation

  6. Anchit Rao

    Could you make a video about the progression of the role of women throughout the course of euro? This was a heavily tested topic on the test last year that wasn't covered in-depth by the curriculum.


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