What You Should Know About Milk And Dairy

Did you know that two out of three people
in India drink adulterated milk? Its not just in India, studies conducted all
over the world show that over 68% of the milk is laced with adulterants such as detergent,
caustic soda, urea, salt or paint. Even pasteurized milk had additives such as
minerals, salts, oil and various other ingredients. Milk is the most common drink consumed. Suppliers tend to add adulterants to enhance
taste, longevity and fat content in milk. Adulterants such as Cane sugar, automatically
increase the calorie count and sugar content in milk. These adulterants can lead to various diseases
such as diabetes and increased blood pressure. Moreover, if such milk is consumed by someone
who is already hypertensive, diabetic or has a cardiac problem, it can be extremely hazardous. It can specially be harmful for those who
have kidney problems. Sodium chloride is also a common adulterant. Imagine a patient with chronic kidney disease. They usually live under strict salt rationing,
and if they unknowingly consume salt through milk, it will do them great harm. Boiling can help remove bacterial contamination
but not salts. Additionally many animals are injected with
chemicals or steroids. The injections used to produce more milk in
cows and buffalos contain oxytocin. Additionally, your milkman may add a few drops
of formaldehyde or hydrogen peroxide to increase the shelf life of the milk. Despite various governments banning such chemicals
their use by farmers is still Rampant. These adulterants can have various side effects. Nowadays many farmers actively invite customers
to visit their farms to verify the quality of milk. However, very few customers actually know
what to look for on a farm. The adulteration obviously is not done in
a place with easy access. And adulteration is not limited to individual
farmers, even big corporates are to blame. Share this video with your family members
and make them aware of adulterated milk. For more information like this, follow health


  1. Chrischi7777 Author

    Hi! This is a terrible video full of lies.

    Milk is one of the safest foods to consume in todays world. Adding additives to milk like formaldehyde or H2O2 makes no sense from a economical standpoint. With todays technology germs can be removed from milk with way easier methods like centrifugation or filtration. These methods are legal, produce high quality milk and are way more profitable from an economic standpoint. There is no reason for companies to add additives.

    The salt content in milk is usually quite constant. The dairy firm usually controls water content and salt content to see whether or not the dairy farmer added water to his milk so this isn't true either.

    The "Tetra Pak Dairy Processing Handbook" is a great source on the subject matter for anyone who is interested to see how dairy products are produced and how companies can use simple mechanical processes like centrifugation and filtration or thermal processes like heating and cooling to ensure that the final product is safe to consume and of high quality.

  2. Rhaenyra Reigns Author

    It would be nice to know which government regulates milk "adulterating" and how.
    Without solid data we are playing the guessing game here. It's not helping much really.

  3. Eileen MacDougall Author

    I drink clean raw milk. It's cured constipation for me and opened my sinuses. I think it's demonized because big pharma doesn't like it. I am also rethinking cannabis. NOT synthetic!!! I hate hate hate what so called doctors and politicians in bed with big pharma is doing to us. The love of money, not money is the root of evil.


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