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What’s inside an Oregon Oyster Farm?

– Today’s video is coming
to you from, this place. What is this? Clausen Oysters. – [Lincoln] No, no no. – We just flew to Eugene, Oregon. Drove for two hours and came to the first Oyster that
place we could find. – And it’s the biggest Oyster
place in all of Oregon. – The cool thing is that
in about 20 minutes, the barge is coming in
with all the oysters on it. We’re gonna show you guys
what’s inside of an Oyster farm and do the entire tour
and show you step by step, from the time the boat
comes in with the oysters to the time it goes through
everything through here, and goes on the ships and
leaves to go to different places like Whole Foods or
wherever they send oysters. – [Voiceover] The barge is coming. (upbeat music) – This is my brother Brian, right here. (rock music) He’s a fisherman at heart. He’s always traveling places fishing, so we wanted to go on this adventure up here to Oregon, together. We just learned a bunch about oysters. Did you learn something? – I think I know everything about oysters. – He knows everything now. – Until they tell me something else. (laughing) – [Voiceover] So this boat
is pulling in right here. They’re gonna take all these
oysters that have been sitting there for probably three years. And they’re gonna take them and put them on this conveyor belt. It’ll go up and down. Get washed and go into
the house where they take them and break them
apart and do everything else. But this is an interesting part. The barge part only
happens one time a day. They got 51 bags today, that’s a lot. That’s a good day. Feels a little like Deadliest
Catch without the deadly part. (laughing) – [Fishermen] Whoa whoa whoa! – [Voiceover] Lincoln,
don’t get in their way. – [Voiceover] Oh, they’re
gonna load ’em up. – That was cool, that
was the first bag full. – [Lincoln] Two bags. – It’s a little stressful. – [Lincoln] It’s two bags. – My lens is all wet. – [Brian] 49 more. – [Voiceover] Wrong way, buddy. Go, go to the water. – [Lincoln] Go in the water! Yeah! – [Voiceover] Okay, Lincoln, this is what you’re gonna do tomorrow. You’re gonna shuck ’em. You can watch them, get some tips. You learning? You learning, you ready? We’re gonna have a race. We’re gonna have a race. – It’s so cold in here. – This is a cooler room. It’s really like a giant refrigerator. Right now it’s semi-full, but sometimes it’s
completely full of oysters that are ready to go on a
semi-truck and get out of here. So really interesting. (upbeat music) – Alright, Brian, what’s
your thoughts on today? – Today was insane. Absolutely insane. And this place is crazy. The whole thing from the
ocean to ready to eat within 50 yards of the ocean. – [Voiceover] It’s pretty cool. – [Brian] They bring it on the
boat and it’s unrecognizable. You hold one of these
things in your hands, you don’t even know what it is. And 50 yards away, people are eating them. It’s amazing. – [Voiceover] It’s pretty rad. So we’re gonna take a break,
I’m gonna take off my hard hat. We’re in a safe zone now. We’re gonna go have some dinner
we’ll bring you guys along. And tomorrow we’re gonna come back and film the main channel video and whatever other behind the scenes. They told us we could probably go out on the cargo ship thing or
the whatever you call it. And actually go to the mud and see where they do the oysters. If we can finish the video in the morning, we are definitely doing that. And I’m thinking drone shots. It’s gonna be epic. So, alright time to clean
up and get out of here. (upbeat music) – [Voiceover] This is the
place, the Captain’s Choice. Pastas, steaks, seafood. Sound good, Brian? – Fantastic. All my favorite things. – We’ll see how good it is. Expectations, not too high. But as long as I’m not sick afterward. – [Voiceover] There’s the
captain right there, Lincoln. Say hi to the captain. Oh, he has one leg! Okay, that’s what you do,
alright, I’ll do it too. Kick his wooden leg and you’re set. – [Voiceover] Look at that big guy. – [Lincoln] Yeah, I like the fish. They’re cute. – [Voiceover] Alright, seat yourself. This is the spot. – [Voiceover] Look how
cute Lincoln’s meal is. Lincoln. Awe, it’s a little dinosaur guy. – It’s a hippopotamus. Maybe it’s a seal. I don’t know, but these
mozzarella sticks are really good. – We’re eating on the bay. And you have access to all of the seafood you could ever want. And that’s what you get. Kraft mac and cheese. Hope you’re happy with yourself. Where is he, where is he, where is he? – [Lincoln] Right there. (laughs) – Did you see what he just did? – [Voiceover] No, he’s just
spitting the bubbles out? – [Lincoln] He spit like a
bunch of bubbles and stuff. – [Voiceover] Clam chowder. Fish. Seafood. Dinosaur. – [Voiceover] This is the next stop. (upbeat music) (bell ringing) (upbeat music) – [Voiceover] Hand-dipped marsh mellows. That looks amazing. – Where is marsh mellows? – [Voiceover] There, marsh mellows. Giant ones. – Those are marsh mellows? – [Voiceover] Look at the
mermaid in an ice cream cone. This is all taffy. All of this. Taffy. Taffy, hand-dipped marsh
mellows and shakes. – And butter, nope that’s even taffy. – [Voiceover] That’s all taffy. The whole thing. And mermaids. – I’m gonna get so much. – [Voiceover] Oh look at this mermaid. There’s another one. – [Voiceover] Here it comes. Oh look at that thing of
beauty, a banana boat. Oooh, that’s good. (trance music) (laughing) – [Voiceover] Ah, the
bell no longer works. Thanks to Lincoln. Lincoln. – [Female Voiceover] He didn’t break it. – [Voiceover] Lincoln, what are you doing? Oh boy. – [Lincoln] Is it magnet? – [Voiceover] No. Why do you always break everything? What’s wrong with you? – But you put it at the
very top, right there, see? – [Voiceover] He’s like “I gotta ring it.” Then it breaks. Okay, uh. – Yeah, just set it on the counter there. – [Voiceover] Sorry. – It’s fine. – [Voiceover] Bye. That was good. I don’t think they want us back now. But there’s our adventures in Coos Bay. This place is interesting, I like it. (♫ “What A Great Town, Coos Bay ♫) – [Voiceover] Brian, we
made it to the Coos Bay Quality Inn, how is it? – It’s so, such good quality. – It’s too bad you can’t get this on film. Because the smell just
punches you right in the face. – It smells so bad. – [Voiceover] What is this machine? – [Brian] Its a QT Tornado. – [Voiceover] What is that? – I have no idea. It’s some kind of ozone machine. For getting rid of odor. I thought it was a welder
when I walked in here. – I’m serious, this thing reeks bad. Like something bad happened in here. They’re trying to cover it up. And somehow they forgot to
move the machines out of here. Oh, it’s like. – [Lincoln] I’m leaving, I cannot. – I can’t even describe
the smell, it’s like when I used to play baseball, when your arm would hurt you’d
put this thing called Bengay on your shoulder or your arm
and it’d make it feel better, and it’d burn and it would smell. It’s like that, super super strong. – [Brian] It’s like a whole swimming pool, full of Bengay. (laughs) And you’re just wading through it. – We walked in this whole entry way, we could smell it clear down there, from the other side of the hall. – [Brian] My room. – It’s all coming from the end room. (laughs) – [Brian] My room. – [Voiceover] Not bad,
not bad in here either. I can handle this. – [Brian] This is the best one. – This kind of smells
like apricots, it’s nice. – [Voiceover] Go to the front desk and tell them you need a new room. (laughs) – I feel like this is all an
elaborate what’s inside set up. (laughs) – [Voiceover] It’s a prank. Just a prank, bro. (♫ It’s Just a Prank Bro, It’s Just a Prank ♫) (upbeat music)


  1. West Tern Author

    If that was an ozone machine then you must be smelling the ozone. It's nauseating. It's meant to kill germs in the air, I think. Make sure to air the place. Ozone is toxic.

  2. Peter Reichert Author

    Why Lincoln is breaking always everything, is because he can do it.. some skills rising for his own opening new things to exploring and solo videos of Whats Inside πŸ˜€

  3. Elias Lein Author

    I go camping in coos bay every year and captains choice is where we always go for lunch. its so good. the clam chowder is the best

  4. Barbara Crownover Author

    OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!your in Oregon I live in Oregon I wish I could see u😞 ugh my life sucks

  5. nasa629 Author

    Coos Bay, huh? The creator of Nike was the coach of olympian Steve Prefontaine while he was a student athlete at the University of Oregon, and Steve Prefontaine was from Coos Bay.

  6. Dave Wagenheim Author

    Welcome to Oregon! Check out Crater Lake! Multnomah Falls. Drive the Columbia Gorge to Hood River (i-84).
    Get some vegan soft serve ice cream in Eugene at Viva! Vegetarian Grill. πŸ˜‰
    Hike to Blue Pool about an hour east of Eugene.

  7. CharlesTJones Author

    ozone machine used to remove the smell of smoke when someone smokes in a 100% non smoking establishment. hope the previous guest got charged well for that.

  8. Man in a Box Author

    What's inside's family I have to tell you my dad Patrick Glennon owns that oyster farm and I am so happy that you guys went and head and gave a Tour of the Family farm thanks

  9. Tony Maile Author

    the thing that looks like a welder is an ozone generator which removes bad smells and it also removes aliens like dust from the air

  10. mona Hayward Author

    this is actually North Bend Oregon. it is separate from Coos Bay. Coos Bay is just south of North Bend. how ever it is only separated by a city line. πŸ™‚ it is my home town and our family loves your channel!

  11. Kyle Salt Author

    I'm confused I've been subscribed to this channel since u was on 23k come on here today looked and it says I wasn't subscribed πŸ™


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