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hello and good morning today is
Wednesday and what does that mean if you follow any of my post-its wheatless
Wednesday ok so a lot of people follow or not quite sure what wheatless
Wednesday means or why I do Wheatless Wednesday for multiple reasons
but one is the overconsumption of wheat in the American diet and any packaged
product anything that comes in a bag or a box wheat is typically one of the top
three ingredients and by learning and just being aware of how much wheat you
eat makes a huge difference in your health not only wheat wheat on one side
is we get too much wheat but on the other side is in the typical American
diet which we eat certain foods over and over and over again and our gut are
inflamed so when you have all this inflammation on top of eating foods over
and over and over again you start to get a reaction to it you actually start to
get an allergy to it what happens is how I explain it to my clients is put your
hands like this so your cells or inside your gut should look like this but when
it’s inflamed when you think of like inflammation in your joints or if you
should have something that swells up what happens is the blood vessels start
to open up so you have this kind of give hole in between so what happens that
also happens in your gut so when you’re eating foods that cause inflammation
that opens up so when you have big holes that causing moisture will cause it to
swell up sometimes you get that bloated belly which happens to a lot of people
also you get this uncomfortable feeling it just doesn’t feel quite right but one
of those things that happens when that is inflamed you have these large pockets
of these large holes that foods that are not supposed to get through get through
like proteins or wheat because I’m talking about
huit those foods instead of just a little particle the little carbohydrates
it actually takes the whole wheat molecule through and when that happens a
body starts to react because wheat is not supposed to ever be in your
bloodstream it’s supposed to be glucose or the
carbohydrates by itself but when you have the whole molecule make it through
the body goes ah foreign body I don’t really know what to do with this so it
starts to attack it or it starts to create AI body’s against it and when you
have that over and over again you start to get an allergic reaction like well
that’s weird like every time I eat wheat now I get super bloated I don’t feel
good or sometimes you actually have outward reactions like inflammation or
sometimes it even comes to don’t quote me on this I’m not a doctor but I
contribute to a lot of Crohn’s disease ulcerative colitis things that have the
inflammation of the gut so when you have more inflammation it causes more
problems so one of the best things you can do is to at least for one day a week
wheat was Wednesday to concentrate on not doing wheat products and you’ll be
surprised what we typed in one of my biggest recently was this Quaker Oatmeal
squares Quaker Oats company that’s not a wheat company oh they usually make
oatmeal I do their oatmeal I actually like these and then I started to read
the ingredients because it was wheat with Wednesday and I would wanted to
make sure I was not eating wheat out of the ingredients okay you have whole oat
fiber that makes sense it’s an oat company the second ingredient is whole
wheat flour wheat is the second ingredient in this oatmeal squares when
you think of oatmeal you don’t think of a week at all so it’s just to let you
know that it hides and almost everything one of the things you can do is find one
of my I talk about how to read labels or I read labels on a couple of my videos
so check in some of those but reading labels is your best friend or if
you’re not quite sure on how to read a label eat any everything on Wednesday
eat something without a label all fruits and vegetables don’t have labels again
this is Nikki Golly with Fuel Your Body and check me out I have links down
below but my website is

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