Wheat bags and the danger of using them incorrectly

– Hello, I’m Emma Hammett,
from First Aid for Life and And today, I’m going to talk to you about the dangers of wheat bags. These sort of things. These lovely warm cosy things that you can put around
and they soothe your neck. You can get in lovely shapes and for children and older people in owls and teddies and all sorts of things. And they contain a little wheat bag inside that you can put into your
microwave and warm up. And, a lot of people buy them because they think that they are warmer and safer than a hot water bottle. And, probably they’re right. If these are used right, they are great. If they’re not used right, they are extremely dangerous, and they have been
responsible for fatalities, and consequently, a lot
of the fire brigades are now issuing serious
warnings about these wheat bags. The key is to follow the instructions. If they’re allowed to dry out too much, or if they are warmed up and then put under the duvet to warm up, they can spontaneously combust. They can also spontaneously combust in direct sunlight. And, if you overheat
them in the microwave, and you get that slightly burnt smell, again they can go up and cause fires and have been responsible for them. So, this wheat inside,
while it’s moist and relatively new, it will heat up and will be a nice safe, warming, soothing thing for you to use. Once it starts to dry out, or if you are overheating it, it can be dangerous. So, make sure you know the
wattage on your microwave, and make sure you follow the instructions about how long to put it in. Now there’s alot of these
homemade ones around. Now, obviously those are more dangerous. They don’t have manufacturers’ directions, and they don’t comply
with safety standards. They also very often have oils on them, and those oils can
increase the flammability. So, be very careful with these, and be very careful when
you’re giving them as presents. If you’re giving them to an older person as something soothing
and helpful for them, make sure that they are okay
to follow the directions. If they have heated the wheat bag up, and
they’ve left it somewhere, and it’s gone a little bit cooler, but it hasn’t gone cold, they
should not heat it up again. It is dangerous to do so. So, once it has been heated, it needs to cool down completely before you are reheating it. It should not be stored
until it is completely cold, and, as I said before,
you should be very careful putting it under a duvet,
or pillows, or anything where it can heat up and
spontaneously combust. So, be very careful with these, and make sure that you are staying safe and giving safe presents. So, used appropriately and used properly, they are great, but they can be dangerous. I hope that’s helpful. That’s Emma Hammett
from First Aid for Life and

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