Wheat Curl Mite and Wheat Streak Mosaic Virus

A couple weeks ago I was called out to this wheat field
because of a yellowing issue across the entire field despite numerous nitrogen
applications and a fungicide application grower wanted to know what was going on looking at the modeling appearance of a
lot of these leaves it was indicative of a possible virus infection so we took
samples and sent them off to MU who confirmed wheat streak mosaic virus
this grower had wheat in this field previously last year and because of the
volunteer wheat that allowed the wheat curl mite to bridge over into this new crop
planted and infect it with wheat streak mosaic virus through scouting and in
depth agronomic knowledge this problem could have been headed off very easily
by just controlling the volunteer wheat earlier on for planting and allowing these
mites to die this is just one situation that the Crop-Trak program can greatly help
the grower with and I would estimate that possibly 30% to maybe 50% of the yield might
be lost because this virus due to the wheat curl mite compared to the field thirty feet
on the other side of the waterway

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