1. shammy dammy

    Most of my cosplay fabric comes from thrift stores, so I'm definitely behind that. But I also recently purchased from an online store called Fabric Wholesale Direct and their prices were extremely reasonable.

  2. John Conway

    Thank for the video. Once again fabric.com is a highly valued source. I am just starting, at 65 and a male, and it seems that all the sellers want the retail business but few are set up to anything like Amazon or any e commerce retailer. I will be checking out fabrics.com. I did check out JoAnns, as I thought they have to be set up for 2018 commerce, and their prices on the few items I checked were competitive( yes I was surprised). I checked broadcloth and official sports prints. Thanks again

  3. Daniel Jackson

    I have gotten great deals on fabric from Jo-ann's (in store, not online) and from ebay. In fact ebay is my absolute favorite place to buy fabrics.

  4. K. S. K.

    Excellent video – I also have found thrift store duvets – lots of beautiful washable fabric for little money. Also buying larger sizes of used clothing in thrift stores – I love gathered/wrap skirts in XL sizes, then removing the waist band and washing/ironing the fabric. And yes, I find yardage at certain thrift stores for $1 a yard on sale. Sometimes heavier weight fabrics can be gotten from furniture stores when they toss discontinued samples – if you ask that they call you, sometimes they will let you take them all – most are washable, and pieces can be patched together for interesting jackets, or used for handbags and smaller items.

  5. Cindy K.

    I know this video is a few years old, Hancock fabrics is bankrupt now, stores and online are closed. Michaels Arts & Crafts stores now handle some of their online fabric sales.

  6. Sheila Riley

    The ONLY place I buy fabric and fat quarters is Ebay.Β  Cheap and I have never been ripped off.Β  I do crafts and quilts and the fat quarters are perfect;

  7. Tia Cel

    i bought some "cotton" jersey at fabric.com, when i received it , it wasn't soft as cotton jersey ,i confirmed that wasn't cotton when i went to Joann and saw the same fabric 😠😠😠😠😠😠😀

  8. Lisa McCulloh

    Hobby Lobby stores sell fabric also. You can order online or go to the retail store if you have one in your area. I found several different print fabrics for $3 and $4 a yard.

  9. Janet Erikson

    I've never had a problem ordering fabric on Ebay. Check their rating. I've order Gortex at a good price, and other hard to get fibres where I live. (Canada eh?) JoAnn"s, which I love when I go to the US won't ship to me.

  10. Auralae

    I can understand why JoAnn Fabric didn't do well in comparison, you were going by their "retail" prices…but actually, they're set up to compete with coupons. They're constantly running "sales" from 25-75% off and balancing those with coupons they send to their subscribers……in effect, when the thing you're looking to purchase isn't on sale, it's good, because you can then use a coupon (there are regularly ones worth 40%, 50% or 60% off of regularly priced items) They mail out circulars with individualized coupons…plus they also e-mail coupons, and they ALSO text coupons–regular shoppers can always count on getting between 50-60% off of most regular priced items….and if it IS on sale, say 40% off, you can then combine it with their semi-regular additional 20% off total purchase coupons! LOL! They also match competitor's coupons and sales.

    Oh! Something I love about JoAnn's—-their remnants! Remnants are always 50% off….so, if you're looking for smaller pieces, less than a yard of material, or you're doing a project that uses several small pieces (quilting or anything like it) remnants are your friend! If the material is already on sale–then it will be HALF the SALE price. For most of October, Fleece has been on sale…at 50% off. Remnants (frequently nearly a yard, many times even over a yard) are always 50% off just for being remnants, so in effect, you're getting 75% off. Fifty percent off for the sale, and then an additional fifty percent off of THAT price because it's a remnant. Another fabric store in my area sells their remnants for only 15% off.


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