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Why are Farmers Angry with Modi Govt? | Kisan Mukti March | Dhruv Rathee

Between 1995 and 2015, more than 3,00,000 farmers have committed suicide. Many activists are of the opinion that this is an underestimation. The actual number of farmer suicides in these 20years is far more than 3,00,000. After 2016, the farmer suicides increased so much, that the Government stopped releasing the data on farmer suicides. Look at this. ‘No data available for farmer suicides after 2016′ says our Government! Namaskar Friends! All India Kisan Sangharsh Committee is an organisation with more than 200 farmers’ groups involved in it from all over India. They’ve organised a march in Delhi on 29th and 30th of December, called Kisan Mukti March. It is estimated that more than 1,00,000 farmers would join this march in Delhi to join their voices and demand their rights! Their Slogan would be ‘Dilli Chalo’. Why are the farmers all over India facing so many problems? What are their demands and how can you help them? I’d like to tell you all about it in this video. Come, let’s see. In India most of the farmers have small land holdings and the monsoon rains are very uncertain. Climate change has added to the uncertainty and irregularity of the monsoon. This is the reason why farming in India doesn’t pay well. Like you know, if the monsoon rain is good, the farmers get good yields. But if the rain isn’t good in a year, there’s crop failure. But the irony is that irrespective of the monsoon, farmers have to bear loses either way. The reason for it is the imbalance between Supply and Demand. Even when the production is good, the farmers have to sell their crops at low prices. Because the Government does not want an increase in the price levels. So to bring down the prices it starts to release it’s stocks. The stocks of food grain that it has or starts to import them. For example friends, in 2017 India had highest ever production of Pulses aka Dal. 22.95 million metric tonne of pulses were produced. It was enough to suffice the needs of the whole country. Even then, our Government imported 6.6 million metric tonne of pulses. At zero import duties. It led to an increase in supply and prices crashed all over the country. Our farmers had to bear significant loses. It shows the Administrative failure of the Government. Among the many reasons, it is cited that we lack domestic storage facilities. and that our market infrastructure is inadequate. Few months ago our Government woke up to this issue and levied import duty on pulses. So that the cost of agriculture import goes up and it becomes more expensive. And our farmers could get good prices for their crops. It’s a good step taken by the Government. At last month’s protest the farmers demanded that more restrictions be placed on imports. Specially on those crops whose production has risen in India. The Government agreed to this demand as well. Another important reason behind the farmers’ agitation is the MSP. Minimum Support Price. The price at which the Government promises to buy the crops from the farmers, if they fail to sell the produce in the market. The Government decides the MSP for 26 crops. It changes every year. The problem, friends, is that the growth rate of MSP has fallen very low in the last few years. A rating agency, CRISIL published a research report stating that between 2009 and 2013 the average rate of growth in the MSP was 19.3% Which means every year the MSP increased by an average rate of 19.3% But in the past 3 years, i.e., 2014-2017, the rate dropped to mere 3.6% You can see the rapid fall in the growth rate of the MSP in the last few years, while the prices of petrol and diesel keep on increasing which in turn raises the cost of production for the farmers In 2018, finally our Government woke up. Maybe the reason behind it is the upcoming general election next year and the upcoming state elections In July 2018, there was a ‘record breaking increase’ in the MSP but the problem with this ‘record breaking increase’ is that it still isn’t enough If you convert it into percentage and combine it with the average growth of last 4 years, the average growth of the last 4 years goes up to only 5% which still is a lot less than the average of 19.3% For example, take Paddy’s year over year MSP growth rate. 2018’s growth rate is huge indeed, but compared to 2009-13’s growth rate it still doesn’t amount much This is the reason why Swaminathan says that the MSP increase is still below the recommended limit. And the farmers are still angry. Further the problem is that the Government sets the MSP but cannot implement it Down To Earth’s report stated that in the last 3 years only 10% farmers or less could sell their produce at the MSP. Many farmers are forced to sell their produce at 30-50% below the MSP. Because there are many small farmers to whom the Government’s procurement mechanism doesn’t reach, i.e., the Government’s process of buying the farmer’s crops. Demonetization is another major reason behind the poor condition of the farmers Just last week, the Agriculture Ministry published a new report which states how demonetization crippled farmers and agriculture industry. When demonetization took place, it was the season to sow Rabi crops and sell Kharif crops both of which need cash. Due to the shortage of cash, many farmers couldn’t sow or sell. National Seeds Corporation couldn’t sell 1.38 lakh quintal wheat seeds because of ‘Note Bandi’. The Government is uncomfortable after reading this report. which is why it took an U-turn and said that the report isn’t final and it is withdrawn and a new report would be published. Which would state that the farmers benefited from the note bandi. As always whenever there’s something uncomfortable for the Government, it takes such measures to hide the truth and keep it hidden. What’s the solution to these problems? The farmers that are marching in Delhi have two main demands. First, the parliament calls a 21 day special session, And Second, that two bills be passed in Parliament. 1. Farmer’s Freedom from Indebtedness Bill 2. Guaranteed Remunerative Minimum Support Prices for Agricultural Commodities Bill. 3 days of the 21 days’ special session, Swaminathan’s Commission Report’s recommendation be discussed the report was published 12 years ago and it contains many solutions to the farmer’s crisis but in the 12 years never has been discussed in the Parliament 3 days for hearing farmer’s testimonies in the Parliament about the problems they face; 3 days for discussion on the on going water crisis in India; 3 days for discussion on the rights of women farmers; 3 days for discussion on rights of landless laborers; and 3 days for a debate on agriculture. Debate on the future of Agriculture industry in India. Will the companies form a monopoly and dominate in future? Or will the the farmer’s rights be protected? So basically this march is a way to voice the troubles faced by the farmers, so that the public and the Government know about these problems. Today, on 29th November, it is estimated that more than 1,00,000 farmers will come together in the Ramlila Maidan, Delhi. And tomorrow, 30th November, will march towards the Parliament You will remember friends, there was another major farmers’ march in Mumbai in the month of March. It was very successful and special because the urban middle class came to support the farmers. Many doctors, lawyers and various middle class people gave water to the farmers, helped them and even marched with them. So the coordination committee of the ‘Dilli Chalo’ march hopes, that the middle class people would come together to stand with the farmers. For this reason an informal forum has been created for the volunteers. called Nation for Farmers Many groups have formed therein where people are coming together Students for Farmers, Lawyers for Farmers, Doctors for Farmers, Techies for Farmers People from different walks of life are coming together to support the farmers. Friends, I would urge you, if you’re in Delhi, today or tomorrow, physically go to Ramlila Maidan to support and march with our farmer brothers make videos with them and share it on social media, because you know the mainstream (tv) media will not cover this. They are busy with their Hindu-Muslim topics. So we have to help these farmers voice their concerns and bring it to public notice If you cannot go there, then use #kisanmuktimarch on twitter to show your support and there’s a petition in, link in the description and top comment, sign it to show your support. Because it’s quite simple friends our country cannot develope if our farmers don’t. And if the situation of the farmers persists, then everyone will be affected as well. Because food is a basic necessity. Share this video friends and we shall meet for the next video. Thank you!


  1. Dhruv Rathee Author

    If you’re living in Delhi, Go and march with the farmers tomorrow in Ramlila Maidan. You can find the petition link here –

    UPDATE: The website server crashed because of our strength haha. If you cannot open it, try again tomorrow

  2. being cool sam Author

    Bro they take loans for farming.. jo modi government ne provide karayi hai.. 1st then second farmars us loan k paiso se drink or galat nashe kar rahe hai.. na ki us loan ko farming main laga rahe hai jo laga rahe aur unki farming bhi ho rahi hai vo paise dena nahi chahati.. to kya govenment hamare tax ko .. free main baate.. nahi bata🙄🙄

  3. Dev Ashish Singh Dhillon Author

    Here From A Farming Family,,
    One more problem there, Fertilizers are rendering the soil infertile and we Are forced to Put more….Organic yeild is Low and that doesn’t pay!!
    Moreover, Weightage by govt. agents for procurement Of Crop is Flawed….

  4. HOQUE VISION Author

    Sir, please make a video about BJP's 'Bangladesi & NRC' politics in Assam…

    The BJP came to power in the wake of the ban on illegal Bangladeshi in Assam,

    Now after coming to power, the Hindu Bangladeshis are trying to establish in Assam

    And,Muslims of Assam are being made Bangladeshi and they are being tortured.

  5. Think Beyond the Imagination Author

    मुझे लगता है कि ध्रुव राठी ने अपनी videos बिलकुल neutral होकर नही बनायी। वैचारिक रूप से वह कांग्रेस का प्रशंशक और बीजेपी का कट्टर दुश्मन लगता है…(जब कोई भी इंसान किसी एक पार्टी को पसंद करता है तो उसे दूसरी पार्टी के अच्छे काम भी बेकार और घटिया नजर आते हैं।)
    वही सब अपनी वीडियो के माध्यम से जनता के ऊपर थोप रहे हो? मैंने कभी ध्रुव राठी को मोदी सरकार या बीजेपी की प्रशंसा करते हुए नही सुना, क्या उन्होंने कभी कोई अच्छा काम नही किया? क्या उनके 100% काम बुरे ही हैं?
    बाकि कांग्रेस ने कितने ज्यादा अच्छे काम किये हैं देश के आज़ाद होने के बाद से और कभी भ्रष्टाचार और घोटाला तो किया ही नही, ये बात तो पूरा भारत जनता है। (मैं किसी भी पार्टी को सपोर्ट नही करता और न ही किसी पार्टी से सम्बन्ध रखता हूँ, अभी तक वोट नही बनी, लेकिन छात्र होने की वजह से देश दुनिया की खबरों पर नजर रखता हूँ)

  6. bishal Author

    thnx for making this video…..
    and don't worry about those dogs and monkeys…. u talk about past u talk about present ….that's the most important think….I shear ur every videos in Facebook…..

  7. Qammar Ali Author

    I like your channel. I saw you talking about human rights but why you didn't say a word about Indian army who is not giving kashmiris right of freedom and killing innocent kashmiris.

  8. The Creator Author

    Dhruv Rathee please ask ur Mumma Who Is Real father… Ohh. Sorry… How many.. Actually she will get confused… She doesn't know properly….👎

  9. S BENU GOPAL RAO Author

    Dhruv What's your opinion on farmers loan waiv for which congress flight for. It looks big threat to indian economy, even economist like urjit Patel and raghuram Ranjan both didn't support

  10. M R Deshpandye Author

    Druv you are totally missing to study KCR.on farmers issue.if you dont study it will be life time mistake by you.
    You must study kcr progressive work in Telangana

  11. Chandan Singh Author

    ye sab govt chahte huye bhi nhi kar sakti wto act k acording bhar se expert karna hi padega na chahate huye bhi nhi kiya to wto palenti lga dega

  12. Rituraj Gupta Author

    please come with news related to banking industry, we are bankers and government is not increasing our salary, more work pressure, Seventh pay commission se compare kare to hum log kafi low salary me kam kar rahe hain

  13. Param tomar Author

    Brother you are my favourite YouTuber i have started from sardar patel statue video and watched all your videos they were amazing your facts and things i just loved your work. Keep on working may success shower on you like this ❤️😊

  14. Abdul Kareem Author

    Please save our farmer brothers. everyday am reading in news paper death of farmers. if no farmer no food for 130 million people. my dear kisaan brothers please don't do suicides.

  15. prass pk Author




    3) 1984 RIOTS ON SIKHS.

  16. Prasanth Arun Author

    Only 5 % of crops from total production collected by the government for that only farmers get MSP , remaining 95% sold in the normal market below MSP. These MSP is just useful for writing an article😌

  17. Sada Sode Author

    Does not matter…..Indian farmers are set up for failure no matter how you look at it. With average land holding for 2-4 hectares (could be less not sure about the figure), the best resolution you can get out of all this agitation is…..all the farm loans are waived…..then what. The Indian farming system is setup such a way……in few years farmers will be under new cycle of debt.

    All this academic analysis wont mitigate whats really ailing the farming sector…….as far as urban middle class support for the farmer, I must first check the Big Boss timings.

  18. Sam sar Author

    Doesn't the famer commit suicide during Janata Party,Congress era?Have you seen the inflation in the country?Have you seen the price of Rice,Pulses,Wheat, vegetables, Oils, Fruits in the country?Have you seen the level of unemployment, low income in the country?

  19. HARSH RAI Author

    Hi again a great video and off course great and sound proof research done by u. Keep it up bro u doing great and the problems faced by the farmers is a very pressing concern that needs to be handled and rectified urgently.
    Again at 6:58 u talked about recommendations which was released 12 years ago and yet it was not discussed in the parliament for "THE "PAST 12 YEARS" " and yes out of 12 it has been 4 years of BJP and they should have taken strict steps but 8 years of congress before 4 years of BJP should have also taken it in the parliament.
    But yes u will not talk about it coz it makes your shear haterade for BJP uncomfortable.

  20. Amar Choudhary Author

    मुझे लगताहै ये किसी दिन सन 1975 emergency का वीडियो बनाये गा और उसमें भी इंदिरा को निर्दोष साबित करदेगा और उसका जिमेदार भी आजकी मोदी सरकार को देगा 😂😆

  21. sudharshan Munikenchaiah Author

    I appreciate the people who are showing support for farmers here but just by doing MSP we are not going to solve the problem , mainly our farmers will grow same crop or they will not grow the crop at all due to this their is overproduced or underproduced every state government has to do crop inspection and publish report what kind of crop has sowed currently following that farmer can change the crop which is less grown in current season this will balances out crop ratio second is storage we don't have good storage facilities we should build it if you just ask for MSP I will tell even though if Congress or another government comes this problem still continues and main thing is we have to develop proper irrigation if we bet on monsoon we cannot implement what I said above

  22. Suvesh Tripathi Author

    Atal Bihari Bajpai ji Nadi Jodo pariyojna la rhe the taaki kisaan Paani ki kmi se na Suicide kre na hi Pani ki wajah se Unki fasal khraab ho…lkn saare stats ke kaarnamo ki wjh se nhi kr paye… Congress ko bhi chahiye ki Fasal Rin na maaf kre jbki itna mahaul de de ki kisaan bhi aur unke bacche bhi aage bdhe….dhanybaad…aur han…bjp ko bhi kisaano pr bht jyada dhyan dene kj zaroorat h….nhi to bjp bhi bekar party rhegj…

  23. S R K Author

    Dhruv bhai please ek video '' AAJ KI TAJA KHABAR '' Channel pr banaye wo bhai every time aap ki baato ko galt sabit krene lga rhata hai/ mai or mere kai dost confusion mai hai ki kon right hai. Please is pr video ya is ka answer dena comment mai

  24. Suraj Rautela Author

    बोहोत बोहोत धन्यवाद भाई जी सरकार का किसानो की तरफ ध्यान लाने में हैल्प करने के लिये …मैं खुद जमीदार घर से हूँ , i know how government make fool framers…hame crop minimum rate se bhi kam par bechni padti hai😑😑

  25. WANG FANG Author

    Bas benvhod bas,
    Ab tu bosdika khuch Jada hi karraha Hai,
    Adha sach aur adha jhutt bolkar bjp ki bejjathi karraha Hai.
    Khuch lihaj Karo mere desh druv…

  26. Gairik Biswas Author

    APMC act has been amended recently. Farmers will finally be able to sell their produce to consumers directly instead of going through government mandis. Sadly, agriculture is a state issue and state governments are in no hurry to implement this change.

  27. Rajesh Singh Author

    Me ek kisaan hu bahut sare mudde h kisaan k, aap expert ki bajay direct kisaan se bat kre aap ko pata lagega kitni dikkat ho rhi h kheti krne me

  28. Ajay Badwaya Author

    Ye true hai ki agar kisi product ka rate jada hua hai to matlab kisan ke paas wo nahi hai kyuki agar ₹5 bhi bad jate hai fasal ke to khusi se bech deta hai . Kyuki 90% kisan pr karz hai ..


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