1. km mokar

    I think that you have no idea about the costs in Morocco compared to China and other countries in Asia, I can assure that that the costs in Morocco are significantly higher.
    Lack of comptent employees is a fact here in Morocco
    Finally, in regard to technolgy can you give me example of country such Morocco where technology is predominant. Remember, you have to compare Apple to Apple!!!!!!

  2. km mokar

    Mr. Jamai
    Let me correct your information, The bigest textile markets are USA and Japan.
    Morocco has a free trade agrement with USA and it has been more than 4 years, have you tried to prospect USA market?
    The answer is NO, you know why because you are afraid to go there and negociate with Americans or Japanese.
    Talkking about the lead time and when it comes to small quantity, the problem does not even arise fot Asians becaue of fast logistics Sir

  3. km mokar

    This guy (Jamai) talks like a book. Morocco cannot beat Asia for mnay reasons:
    The costs in Morocco are very high and getting higher
    Lack of competencies in Morocco
    Lack of employees,
    Lack of technology
    Lot of corruption in Morocco
    More competition coming from other Africans countries


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