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Why You Should Get a Canon 28mm Lens Right Now!

What’s going on guys my name’s Kellan
Reck and today I’m gonna tell you why the Canon 28 millimeter 1.8 is a great lens
to keep in your camera back so this lens is old we’re talking 1995
but in my opinion it’s highly underrated and can still provide you a ton of value
so here’s the deal with this lens it’s built for a full-frame camera so on your
5d it’s gonna look 28 millimeters that’s a relatively wide shot on your cropped
frame camera you’re gonna actually have it shooting at about a forty-five
millimeter lens which is a really nice focal length that’s a 1.6 x crop on the
sensor so 28 millimeters becomes 45 I’ll show you a comparison here of the 28
versus 45 still this lens works really nicely on crop frame cameras because
you’re starting to get close to a 50 millimeter which is great for portraits
and various other shots so I want to take a really quick look at some of the
pros that this lens has to offer we’ve got a solid build a good sized focus
ring ultrasonic motor auto focus very good and very quick autofocus of that
it’s got a 7 bladed aperture for fantastic Sun stars and your photos and
your videos it opens to a 1.8 for low-light use very good lens in
low-light and it can focus very close it’ll focus actually about under a foot
just under a foot you’ll be able to pull focus with this lens which is really
nice the lens even has a rectangular flare blocker inside of it which will
help prevent some flares when you’re outside taking photos now there are a
few cons with this lens yes it is old it does come with some cons it’s got
somewhat soft focus at up one-point-eight but if you dial that up
to 22.8 you’re gonna start to see that sharpness come into play sometimes it’s
not quite wide enough again it’s 28 millimeters so on your full frame if you
want to get some really wide landscapes may not quite do the job it’s not a huge
issue that it’s only 28 because it can work in various ways and again on your
crop sensor at a 45 millimeter shot it’s gonna look very nice this is a nice
focal length and one of the other big cons of this
lens is that there’s no image stabilization which can be a big factor
in photography but also in video so that is a little bit unfortunate but for the
price it’s not bad so let me actually get into price quickly on this lens the
Canon 28 millimeter 1.8 lens goes for about $500 new now you can get it at
three to four hundred dollars used or refurbished which really isn’t a bad
price it’s actually canons fastest wide lens aside from the 24 L lens which
opens up to a 1.4 f-stop but that goes for just over $1500 though so over three
to five times the price for a lens that’s you know better but significantly
more expensive you’ve also got the Canon 35 L 1.4 and 16 – $1,700 so this right
in the middle of the 28 1.8 is a really nice price to have a very nice focal
length and a fast lens okay so I’m starting to bog you down with technical
details on this lens I really want to just quickly look at it from the
perspective of a filmmaker and give you the real-life view of what you can use
this lens for so definitely take a look here you’re gonna see a bureau sequence
using only the Canon 28 millimeter 1.8 lens you’re gonna see some nice depth of
field some nice flares in your video from the Sun and a sort of a whole bunch
of different techniques and varieties of shots using only this lens and I just
want to do that so you can get a sense of how this lens might work for you alright guys thanks for watching I
really hope you enjoyed the review of this lens now I know it’s a really old
lens now it’s 23 years old but I still find that it has a ton of versatility
and a ton of value that it brings to me and it’s you know not too expensive so
if you’re interested in this lens there’s gonna be a link down below check
that out and you know let me know what you think about this lens if you like it
if you’ve used it before if you’re interested in it I’d be happy to answer
any questions down in the comments otherwise if you enjoyed feel free to
leave a like go ahead and subscribe we’ll check you back in the next one
thanks guys you


  1. Alex Spurr Author

    Have been considering Canon EF 24-105mm f/4 L IS USM as my next buy, but I think you just changed my mind for this fixed. Have a Rebel T3i and Eos 5D MI to shoot with.

  2. Evan Smith Author

    Nice video man! I’ve been thinking of getting an adaptor and some canon fd lenses off eBay for my Sony. Real cheap and I think it will help with my creativity

  3. Zach Author

    I bought this lens about 2 years ago, and I still own it. A lot of its reviews weren't great. What made me click buy on it was something someone said in a random forum post I found. That the lens had "a bad internet reputation." And that person was right. It's a good lens.

  4. FeedScrn Author

    I just ordered one… it's in transit. I got it because I'm tired of lenses starting at f/2.8 on a crop… making it more like f/4.x. I'm also contemplating another underrated piece of equipment,  the EOS 6D Mark II, which is FF. This lens should be good for both. Time for an upgrade…

  5. Poet's Guide Author

    Great review. I maybe a bit late but with the release of the new Leica Q2, I have always wondered how much better will the Leica Q2's highly regarded 28mm 1.7 lens do vs the Canon. I would love someone to do a blind stills test on similar photos taken with these two lenses. (maybe also throw in the very good Sony 28mm f2 in the mix as well) and see if people can actually distinguish the difference.

  6. Kevin Harris Author

    Hi Kellan – Great video ! Thank you 🙂 Quick question – Do you think this is a better option than the 28mm IS USM f2.8 for use on my 7D mk1 ? Mixed use for video & stills. Thanks in advance if you have time to reply ! 🙂

  7. zizzy Author

    Kellen awesome review….hope you reply …..autofocus noise? ….does this bother you ….are all your videos stripped of original sound


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