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Willowbank U-Pick Farm | Port Williams | Nova Scotia | Canada

Located along the banks of the Cornwallis River lies the picturesque Willowbank U-Pick Farm. Across the river from Grand-Pre National Historic Site, this area is full of beauty. From fields of hay, to green filled pasture land. The Johnson family has run this farm for the last 6 generations. Unlike the days of old however, this farm is used as an escape from the busy lives each lead throughout the week. Join the family any day of the week from 9 am to 5:30 pm. Where you can roam around the grounds, searching for the perfect collection of apples, pears, plums or pumpkins to take home with you. You can get these items during the months of September and October. Pick them by the bag or by pound, it’s your choice. Prices are $15 for a 20 pound bag, or just 75 cents per pound. Heading to the heart of the farm, you have the opportunity to not only see, but interact with some amazing animals. Pigs, goats, donkeys and more can be found around the farm. A fenced in area allows kids, young and old, to pet some of the most friendly animals in the Annapolis Valley. Next to the petting zoo take some time to watch some horses and their trainers run around the ring, jumping over obstacles, and wowing the crowd. Feel the excitement of these beautiful animals as they power their way around the corners and whisk by as they tackle the next challenge. Be sure to join them this fall at 110 Starrs Point Loop in Port Williams, Nova Scotia. No matter the reason, you’ll be guaranteed to find something you’ll love during your visit. Check out everything they offer, on their website, at Filmed September 2019


  1. Dad VS CJ Author

    Nice footage. Love the drone shots. Beautiful farm. The fruit looks great. So cool of you to share this. We have never been to Canada so it's nice to get a look at some of the places there that are not mass tourist options. Full watch. Thank you for sharing.

  2. AlphaTraveler1 Author

    Very interesting place. It reminds me of Delonega in GA. They have places like this. Always a great time when you do things that is just different, if you know what I mean.

  3. John Murray Author

    Willowbank Farms has been one of our favourite places to visit for at least the last 10 years! Many pies and apple desserts have been made with their wonderful apples. We love the vegetable stand set up in the barn to pick up more wonderful fresh produce when you pay for your apples!

  4. Travel with Tommy Author

    Wow absolutely wonderful Willowbank U- Pick Farm Josh. This is the place that I definitely love to visit. Thanks for taking us along.

  5. Eat Travel Happy Author

    What a pretty little farm! Looks like a great place to spend the day. 6 generations, that's amazing! Thanks for sharing this place with us.

  6. Adventuring Outdoors With Eric Author

    Yeah I would totally dig visiting this place. Not too often you can go pick your own fruit and take it home with you. Plus throw some animals in the mix and you just can't go wrong. Too bad it's a bit too far for me though lol. Nice job on the video bro.


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