Working with Patterns and Fabric – Working with Cricut Maker

Welcome to Cricut! In this video we'll cover how Cricut Maker
works with patterns and fabrics. If you're signed in to Design Space we can
head straight to the Ready-to-Make projects. Let's take on this pillow project. On this page you'll get all the project details,
including a list of the materials you'll need to make it. For this project we are using two colors of
fabric. You'll also need your sewing machine and sewing
supplies. By the way, for sewing patterns you'll notice
that the Customize button is always grayed out. That's because with Ready-to-Make sewing patterns
the pattern is fixed to one size, so there's no need to customize. Let's go ahead and Make It. This mat preview screen shows you how your
pattern pieces are separated onto the mat. Design Space positions each piece strategically
based on two conditions: the color of fabric being cut, and the best use of your fabric. So rest assured you always get the most out
of every cut. Now, let's put the fabric on the mat. Be sure to use the pink Fabric mat, and always
place your fabric "pretty" side down, smoothing out any wrinkles, just like that. Now we can click Continue, and select our
machine. Next step is to select your material. This is all done in Design Space. To find the material you're using click View
All and select your material from this list. We are using Cotton fabric. You may be prompted to load the Fabric Pen. And then load your Rotary Blade. Load your mat by placing it under the guides. Then press the load/unload button. Now you're ready to press Go, and watch your
first pattern pieces get cut. You'll repeat the sames steps for each mat
until you have every pattern piece you need. Note: Design Space will tell you which blade
to use, but if you forget to switch your blades the machine will know and will prompt you
to switch the blades. Once you've got all your pieces cut you're
ready to sew. From the project details page scroll down
to assembly instructions, and you're in the final stretch. Here's how this pillow project pieced together
for us. The Cricut Maker. More tools. More materials. More possibilities.


  1. Tina R

    You don't really explain well about the different pieces you outlines 1-6 or whatever so I'm confused. Can you only cut patterns that are small or can they be larger and you use multiple steps?

  2. MsSuper Klutz

    Outstaning Cricut Maker MIN Share…..Great Advice!!! Your Official Cricut Mini Share are always done in such away that you get your point and message across in an impeccable way…..Always enjoy them!! Thanks Cricut for everything you do and the way you do it!!! EVERYONE AT CRICUT ROCKS!!

    Joan Smith


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