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World Of Warcraft Classic BEST Peacebloom, Silverleaf And Earthroot Farming Route (HORDE)

what’s up everybody welcome back to my
channel today we are back in world of warcraft classic and in this video I
will be showing you the route I used to farm peace bloom silver leaf and Earth
through I’m gonna try to make this a very short video so you can hop in and
start farming this as quickly as you can so let’s get right into it alright so
this is the route that I use to gather all of my low-level herbs like peace
bloom silver leaf and earth route this route will take you through Tirisfal
glades which is a horde controlled area so if you are an alliance player I would
suggest not using this route I have already made a video covering this same
topic for Alliance players so if you want to see that video head over to my
channel and check that video out but anyways this is a great route to gather
peace bloom silver leaf and earth through Tirisfal glades is a very large
area and these herbs can be found all over the place one lap of this route can
take up to 30 minutes but it’s worth the time investment as you can gather two to
three stacks of piece blue and silver leaf and then maybe one and a half
stacks of Earth room per lap you will get a lot of herbs running this route I
hope this has helped you out and thank you for checking out this video


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