World's Most Expensive Cherry – Amazing Japan Agriculture Technology Farm #30



    The first cherry was already exported to Europe from its place of origin in Asia Minor in 74 BC. The Roman general Lukullus brought from the port city of Kerasos (today Giresun in Turkey) to Italy. These plants are the predecessors of today's sweet cherries.
    After the city of Kerasos, the cherry got its name. In almost all European languages, the name of the cherry can be used to refer to this city. From Italy, the cherries were then spread by the Romans. After all, today it is spread all over the world.

  2. P.S Rrr

    I'm a cherry farmer in USA I will like to have those prices here, some of my cherry's end in Japan but the company that I sell my fruit takes almost all the profit. I will like to sell my fruit by my own…

  3. justgivemethetruth

    Beautiful craftsmanship and care of those trees. They are spectacular. Those cherries look extremely yummy, but they are so bright red. Don't they like the deep red cherries? I wish I could grow cherries like that.

  4. Samir Obeidat

    Why you're exaggerating in everything so much!? Everything is so perfect and expensive in Japan!! Frankly speaking, I prefer things in their natural form … Walk around and pick up cherries from the trees or if I have to buy them, then few dollars would be enough!

  5. Alex Gold

    We have a few of this variety cherries in our garden. Nothing special. These are most expensive, bc they are labor intensive in a very expensive country. You are just paying their wages.

  6. Ngoc Dung Duong thi

    Qua nhật đc chăm sóc thu hoạch trái cây các loại thì sướng biết mấy.clip nào cũng thích hết nè

  7. leinaddf

    Love cherries have a tree in my garden and still I buy loads from the supermarket if it's season. I can never work here or I'll get the sack for eating half a box in q day

  8. BabyReshmi Katoch Guleria

    So systematic,… Simply Great 🎉…n…so fruitful to watch all the vedios…full of.. love, Care…n.. reallyyy fruitful….Earhtly returns I is always sweet 💕🌾🌾🌾🤗

  9. Natalie Luders

    I remember visiting cousins in italy as a kid (im from Australia) we sat in a tree in there village and ate the most amazing white cherries straight from the tree great memory

  10. Jeanne Nilsson

    We are lucky in Denmark, our cherries are bigger, daaark red(without the silver underneath) and they taste better than anything 😀 but we usually don´t get too many because of our birds, they Always know where the trees are and…you know- they are early! All the ripe berries are Gone at 5 o´clock in the morning( ! ) Beautiful vid. thanks!


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