World's Most Expensive Honey Apple – Amazing Japan Sun Apple Agriculture Technology Farm


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  2. Excelon The 4th Avalon Heirs

    Let me tell you. By decreasing apple from one big cluster to one only apple is the reason why the apple can be so sweet. So all the nutrients that supposed to be for all cluster can be absorbed to one apple.

    You supposed to use a tea bag for one cup of tea with a rich of flavor but instead you using it for one gallon and ruining your tea.

    And anyone who think they do all this because artificial rarity=expensive is absolutely nonsense. Rarity=expensive, but not in this case.

  3. yhen castrillo

    theres alot of wasted apple. im so sad, because here in our country theres no apple tree thats why it took so expensive in ther market 😂😂


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