1. MrNickster76

    Great guide Rinzler1518, thanks a lot.
    Here are the way point for my fellow Tom Tom users:

    /way Nagrand:Draenor 90.69, 23.40 Thundercall
    /way Nagrand:Draenor 69.61, 34.55 Karak
    /way Nagrand:Draenor 79.11, 71.70 Gorian
    /way Nagrand:Draenor 63.82, 81.00 Maimclaw
    /way Nagrand:Draenor 53.23, 77.33 Ironbore
    /way Nagrand:Draenor 43.64, 69.25 Moth

  2. Mega Obell

    Ive already completet training on 4 mounts and ive killed eveery boss but i havent killed BeastLasher and i completet all the mounts so does that mean i cant complete the Acheivement?

  3. Frank Smith

    Id like to have them too, but I just didnt have the time to farm them, so I found this getmounted dude on ownedcore. he had sweet prices and now I have some uberrare mounts for some bucks. gotta love them mounts <3

  4. Jerimy Hermary

    My stables is level 2, but I do not see the claw by the hay stack. When does it show up, or do I need to do anything before it does? I have all of the mounts tamed, ad am on my second day of quests.

  5. Tomas Maxian

    Hey, I've recently been trying to do the achievement, I've got a stables level 2, all 6 whistles, 6 daily quests + whistles, so I am almost set except for the fact that I never got a black claw of sethe, I've ran through my stables back and front and It is definitely not there, nor is it in my bag or my bank. I'm pretty frustrated at this point, please if anyone has any ideas as to what might be going on. 

  6. Kyrae Jenkins

    I have a question. Say I had the black claw of sethe and discarded it. Does it respawn in my stables for me to re-acquire or is it gone forever making it impossible for me to try for this achievement? Thanks in advance.

  7. TehDutchDude

    Im a total noob when it comes to wow so sorry if this is such a obvious question, but you must first do the daily's to really "train" the mounts before you get them right ? So i must first unlock all mounts before I can get this ?
    Thanks in advance.


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