1. Roslyn Kennedy

    Thanks so much for your guide! you answered all my questions and loved how you laid out the order in which to do it! – Keep doing guides your great!

  2. Saif Kuwari

    So let me get this right the daily quests i get from the stables to kill some random monsters does not affect the achievement by any means all that matters is i have to get all the 6 whistles over 6 days and then upgrade my stable to level 2 then kill all the 6 monsters

    I really hope i didn't mess anything up i just spent 1800g and now sitting on 166g that's all my money spent just to get this mount

  3. Derek Reese

    your location for moth of wrath is fairly off. it's quite a bit more south than what you have marked. far enough that you can't even see it if you go to your marker.

  4. Michal Jarnot

    I missed people like you when I was playng WoW. Runescape youtube community is so much better. Quality of this video just proves it.

  5. TBrobson

    Here's a table of contents for the guide! If you only need certain pieces of info in this guide, simply click the timestamp to get to that portion of the video.

    Guide Table of Contents:
    0:00 – Introduction
    0:29 – Requirements
    2:04 – Advanced Husbandry Defined
    2:26 – How Your Mounts-In-Training Work
    2:44 – Tips & Tricks For Fast/Easy Completion
    3:55 – Map With Mob Locations
    4:40 – Completing the Achievement and Unlocking the Mount
    4:52 – Outro/Feedback

    Remember to leave feedback, as this is just my first WoW guide! Hopefully there'll be many more to come!


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