1. Theresa Hopkins Author

    That is great for babies to get their goals set low and acountable. Why is the girl to gone and forth coming that everyone is glad? Uh?

  2. xZ3Fx Author

    Your Hit Piece on Soph blew up in your face and garnered her more subs then ever before. Now she is blowing up. People are waking up to your Cultural Marxism. #GetRektBuzzfeed

  3. forever tipsy Author

    LOL soph has more subs than you..how embarrassing .. buzzfeed is an extreme left propaganda news outlet
    hurry up and die already

  4. Censorship is the last tool of tyrants Author

    Buzzfeed recently was gifted 250 million dollars by none other than that war criminal, George Soros, who collaborated with Nazis in WW2. Not only that he is wanted in numerous countries for manipulating and crashing their economies to further his own wealth. Anyone working for Buzzfeed is working in collusion with a real life Nazi to subvert sovereign nations for their own personal gain. It is time for YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and all social media corporations to deplatform Buzzfeed for pushing the propaganda of a wealthy Nazi collaborator.

  5. Brent.2017 Author

    Yet Facebook, Instagram and Google do nothing about it. Whenever you see a non celebrity no name person with over thousands of followers, they are fake. Even fake likes and fake comments.


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