1. Londoe Black

    at 22:08 when the bird chirped loudly, your crops grew a level. I noticed it in a previous video that I commented on. So it must be to alert you that your crops must be tended, or something like that.

  2. nice guy eddie

    Gamester,, can i please thank you from the bottom of my heart,, your tutes have been more than helpful,, they have been the key to understanding this beautiful wonderful game,, when i first came to your tutes i was frustrated with the game,,id seen its potential,,but was like it was in chinese !! and at first,, i had no idea what you were waffelling on about,,rambling about stupid shit,,omg !!1 ,, but id been given an abandoned plot and a big head start on this wonderful server KANGAWU,,thanks to you guys a great community,,,so i stuck at your vids,, and then,, after a cpl of painful,,boring,,hours,,suddenly,, BAMMM, it hit me,, it all started making sense,, and id figured out the key to the game,,they way it worked,, it was like suddenly understanding the dictionary of a new language,, and so,,keenly,, i went back to your first tute,, that one that pissed me off so bad a week or so back,, and started again,, ahhhhhh but this time,, i understoood EVERYTHING YOU SAID and WHY you said it,, and omg omg omg i got it,, you are amazing,, well,, dozens of tutes and hours of listening to you,,waffle,,on,, i feel like i know you,,and so strange you dunno me at all,,lol,, so ttytyty so much and im so loving this game,, much love from down under !!! to anyone intersed in wurm,, watch/listen to gamesters tutorials from number one,,as you play,,right from the start,, and wont be long till it all makes PERFECT sense and then you really get to see what possibilitys it has,, you are given all the options to create almost anything u can imagine,, so go for it and have fun !!!

  3. SmiloSabercat

    Ok, dumb question. You mentioned taking horses into a mine. If I take horses hitched to a cart into a mine and the mine is only one tile wide, do I have room enough to turn things around to get the cart out? I could just try it; but, I would like to prevent getting them stuck in there if you cannot.

  4. Grey Badger

    Hiya. Coupla quickies today.

    Firstly, early on I came across a young Gorilla and while experimenting with his right click options I "think" I opted to care for him. As far as I can tell a Gorilla isn't much use unless you want to build a tower and have him climb it to swat passing biplanes, so I wasn't too bothered when he wandered off. But a while afterward I came across a Dog. A Dog of course is a Badgers best friend, but when I tried to tame it, I got a message saying that I already had one animal and couldn't have any more. IS there a way around this? Or do I have to make a poisoned Banana and go find that Gorilla with a special gift for him.

    Secondly. You mention in the comments about grooming every thirty minutes real time? (Ack!… Perhaps I could train the Gorilla to do the grooming? Note to self..cancel poisoned Banana.) I'm sure to forget this, (actually that's probably why when I was a nipper my mum wouldn't let me have a Rabbit now I think about it, ) but as if anticipating my leaky brain, the game provides a helpful bird to remind me when my crops need tending. I wonder, is there a similar arrangement with tending to the animals various needs? Or will I just get back one day to find their bodies sprawled on the ground and next to them scrawled in the mud with a dying hoof.. "Why did you never feed or groom us you ****!"


  5. Robert Fitch

    Bulls, Chicken, Cows, Hens, Sheep, and probably a few more animals are NOT aggressive. You can walk up to those animals and use your Rope and Grooming Brush on them without being attacked.

    For a very long time I didn't know this, actually, until this video, ha ha, I was avoiding all the animals because I didn't want to die.

  6. OldM8 Wombat

    OH My god you had me at gday mate XDXD thanks. I am watching your vids while playing my first day of Wurm so thanks for all the entertainment

  7. Cate Mehlos

    This is probably a silly question, but how does Raynstorm find these different colored horses? I've seen dozens of horses but they've all been grey. Are they just rarer than the grey horses?

    Anyway, thanks so much for all these tutorials! I never played Wurm prior to 'Unlimited' and you've helped me to understand and enjoy it so much easier than on my own!

  8. Allen Dossett

    I know that I am going to get blasted for this comment, but I just have to say it. The information that you give is very useful and very much appreciated, but I would suggest that in the future that you write a script for yourself before beginning one of these videos. In this video, for example, you are ten minutes into the video before you get on topic. Once you get there you do a fantastic job of providing useful information, it just takes too long to get there. Please don't take this as an insult, but as constructive criticism as intended.

  9. Ben Turner

    @ 11:58: Making a Grooming Brush.
    @ 15:00: Starting Animals.
    @ 16:20: Getting the animals.
    @ 19: 10: Animal Limits per tile.
    @21:10: Disease.
    @ 22:00: Using a Grooming Brush.
    @ 26:45: Cute Little Horse : )

  10. Toshba47

    Lovely ep Gamester, I will head off and groom my horses straight away. They now have food and soon to be groomed, life is good for them. I don't even have my cart yet so they are not even pulling big loads, just my overweight frame on their backs occasionally as we explore new areas. Hope you enjoyed my little video I put up on my channel for you and all the lovely people here. See you in the next vid. Raynestorm, please keep nudging him in certain directions, your voice is part of the input too. 🙂 thanks again for all your efforts.

  11. Raynstorm Earthenvale

    *Crosses arms* hmmmph *Gives Gamester a disappointed look*  I did not nor do I nag *pouts* I begged and groveled. I said pleeeeeaaaaaassssseeee please please do your next video on Animal Husbandry (AH as it is called by Wurmians) our viewers need to know how to care for, feed  and breed the lovely animals they find throughout the world.  You have already shown them how to make carts so its very important they take care of their animals to make sure they do not starve or get sick. So thank you Gamester for listen to not only to me but the viewers and making this video on AH. 

    Here is my first index.

    12:00 How to make a grooming brush.

    Have a wonderful day and keep on Wurmin!  Ta Ta for now.


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