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Yarrie Station | Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development

“Music playing” “Rooster crowing” “Music playing” I’m Annabelle Coppin, from Yarrie Station. Yarrie is about 240 000 hectares in the east
Pilbara. We run about 2500 breeders over a mixture
of country. I grew up in the business and was fortunate
enough to be able to purchase it. I’m actually now the fifth generation of
Yarrie. The Business Improvement Grants gave us
an opportunity to improve somewhere in our business which included, maybe taking on something
that yo u wouldn’t normally do, to see if it would work. And in that area, we put in some remote
monitoring cameras, which is quite new in this area. They work off a 3G or Telstra mobile service
with a small sim card in there. “They take a photo twice a day and send
back to my email or to an app on your iPad and you can just pick it up. It’s a really high resolution picture
which is great. You can zoom right in to the trough, have
a look at your water and your quality and make sure that trough is full of water. So this watering point is about 100 kilometres
from the homestead, about an hour and a half’s drive. So that’s why we chose to put the camera out here, because obviously it’s the furthest point. We only have to come out here and check
this generally every three weeks to a month now, instead of every five days. I think with technology as well, it’s
only going to get better, which is very exciting. It’s really going to revolutionise our
efficiency on rangeland properties, particularly because we are over such a big area of country. Technology is really going to help us to be able to be on top of things a lot quicker in the future. Small things tacking onto the business
to make it more efficient – it’s a no-brainer.” “Music playing”

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