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Ylvis – The cream of the crop (eng.subs)

Welcome back everybody, and especially you,
Carl Fredrik Hellevang-Larsen. Yes, I’m enjoying myself.
Yes. Wow, thank you. You and I have something in common.
We do. Yes we do, we are both at the
“cream of the crop” list. Yes, and it might be that some of you
– not many though, – stop clapping – do not know what
the “Cream of the crop” list is, but it’s a rating list, don’t know exactly,
but I believe it’s the most handsome man of the world. …possibly Norway. Anyway, I’m there, you
are a challenger this week, as you can see on the right side where we can spot you
below Georg Apenes. Exciting to watch whether you’ll end up on the main list. He can be a tough nut so it’ll be very exciting. Very exciting indeed….but you are not on
the list Vegard, are you? No, well I don’t understand the criteria of entering the
“cream of the crop” list. Just look at Kari Traa on the women’s page. It says: The former mogul skier has tried
sunbathing to get rid of the scars on her knees caused by 9 operations.
Cream of the crop??? Is that the criteria? To… If it’s all about having the worst knees, then you’re… ..speaking of which, I’m going straight to microphone #3
– untraditional as I am, then I can press…Now everybody has to be quiet. My knee has rarely been very good, which might
be one of the reasons I’m on the list…. Everybody, be quiet now, and… My knees are not bad, but I have a bad back,
so if you’ll just hold the mic close to my spine. Your spine? No, I meant my lower back, the lumbar.
The lumbar? Right there? Shush! High five! I’m terribly sorry, but of course I encourage
everyone to vote. I’ll do everything I can to crush my kneecaps
or whatever during this season, then people can vote for me, and get me to the top of the list, above King Harald and Georg Apenes. There has to be a reward if you make it. A reward to all of those who manage to vote you onto the list. What are you willing to sacrifice?
What are you prepared to give the Norwegian people? I…
If you win.. If I make it to the «cream of the crop» list,
I’ll personally sing «You raise me up» as beautiful as I can right in front of Erna Solberg,
like 5 cm. (1,31 in) from her face. We would certainly like to see that. Start voting… Somebody bring a camera….
We want to see that. OK, that’s enough.. Is now the time we’ll watch the second part of
«Come dine with me?» Would you like that?
No! Really important things have happened in the
world. First place…
Second place… Of course we’re talking about the
“cream of the crop” It’s all happening at the «cream of the crop»
You’re at 2nd place. Then we have a challenger.
It is me, it is me… At challenger list…
«Cream of the crop» We are talking about the most important list
for rating the most important people in the world. No, not importancy……
Looks! Just wohooo in general.
«Cream of the crop», let’s take a look at the list. We are number 1 and 2. That’s very nice. But most importantly…
From the gutter…. From the gutter we’ve got Vegard Ylvisåker
as a challenger. That’s….
We have corrupted Norway of course. We’ve told people to vote, and it’s cool to have made it to the gutter….the challenger list. It’s not the gutter, because….
No, it’s the challenger list, and I do think it’s very cool, but it’s kind of a disappointment that you
were all hyped up to the top… I remember so well when I was at the challenger list, but now I’m in.
Georg Apenes was my competitor…..Suck my ass! In your face! I don’t know who’s my competitor on the challenger
list, but regardless of that, if I get onto the real list, I’ll sure suck his ass.
Oh my god Lots of sucking of asses.
But it’s after 10 PM, so we’re fine. But you shouldn’t look down on being a challenger,
because he went from being a challenger straight into 2nd Place. And this guy has “momentum” He has «momentum», and we mustn’t forget
why we’re doing this. It’s to get Vegard up to 1st place, because then you’ve promised to….. …then I’ll sing «You raise me up» as beautiful as I can right into Erna Solberg’s face, 5 cm.(1,31 in) away. They have to vote… We want that… Have we spoken to Erna about this? No!
But we’re doing it anyway. If I know her as well as I think I do, she’ll do it on the fly.
Yes, she’ll do it on the fly. She’s from Skjold, you know.
Very sporty!


  1. Joy C Author

    A-ha! Now I know the story behind the video Bard singing right in front of the face of Erna Solberg. They are so funny – everything is often a competition with all them. So fun to watch.   (Thanks for the subtitles)

  2. Kats fluffy fox Author

    in my opinion Vegard is even more handsome than the most Germans I know (also famous people) I think, I´ve got to move to Norway. Anyone coming with me?

  3. Undertaker WOTWC Leader Creater Author

    That list isnt any excact nor correct list in the first place. Theese guys had to use the power of TV to top it and get Vegard in as a challenger,just because he had a "bonus" to flaunt by singing face to face to Erna Solberg. I rearly agree with all 10 in on the lists there anyway. Its not a serious list,just for fun.

  4. Lukevin99 Author

    "Criteria" is the  irregular plural of "criterion"  like media –  medium or bacteria – bacterium , or data for datum, and phenomena for phenomenon, you never add an 's'  to these words but thanks for the subs .( my parents are English teachers)

  5. TaiChiKnees Author

    I think those boys look so alike…  just milk vs dark chocolate… that it is odd to me that Bård seems to be known as the pretty one.  I also think Vegard is slightly more attractive than Bård, but maybe Scandinavians prefer the classic blond Viking look?

  6. Summer Leppanen Author

    Did they seriously tune those glasses of water so they could hit them with pencils along with the music? Those dorks. I love them so much. 

  7. C. A. Author

    +Mona Lisa, first an enormous standing thank you for all your work (I swore to myself if I ever broke down and got a YouTube account I would tell you and Quirentia how much I've appreciated your efforts). Second, I love that you gave the imperial conversion of 5 cm to the hundredth decimal place; it actually made me laugh out loud.


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