Young and in French Beans export business – Part 1

French beans are among the most widely grown vegetables for export in Kenya in Europe production season lasts from July to September period during which the imports decrease this in turn presents opportunities to Kenyan exporters who are capable of supplying quality produce in high volumes on today's episode of horticultural farming we feature a young a group Renoir who started out big by venturing into growing French beans for the export market Gideon burrow is a farmer and an exporter of French beans since 2015 I'm a grower I'm an exporter of fresh vegetable from Kenya to the European market we do contractual funding in McWane counties much arcos de kado ambu and Cannella County as a young farmer he operates his business under the theme that economist you shamba living up to this theme led him to aggressively grow his firm now dubbed lui firm to grow more French beans for export at some point in his business the demand for his produce increased by a huge percentage that I could no longer satisfy his clients other than sitting in a comfort zone Gideon came up with an idea to contract farmers to grow french beans under his supervision then supply to his clients abroad and most of the young men and women we avoiding to do the farming because they have degrees but come to think of it in Kenya you have almost 45 million camps and all these canyons they have to eat we must feed them and there's huge opportunities in funny which most of these young men and women are I realize these opportunities are there so for me the reason why we do contractual famine is that because my own firm cannot afford to have the quantities that we need to ship so what you normally do is to have the small-scale farmers join hands together so that you'd be able to attain the quantity that the clients warmed overseas contract farming involves a pre agreed price between the investor or company and the farmer the agreement is defined by commitment of the farmer to provide an agricultural commodity of a certain type at a time and a price in the quality and quantity required by a committed buyer Gideon took us round one of the farms he has contracted to farm French beans this is nominal farm in Keeton gala but they have planted French beans in some portions of the 15 acre farm here gideon highlights the factors he considers worth selecting farmers to contract and how he conducts quality checks for their farm produce do we do formal equipment see and for farmer to have the qualities that you want first he or she must have good source of water because normally anything to do with French means 95 to 98% is irrigation farming so they must have source of good source of water to make sure that we can be able to sustain the market rodea the other thing we look at to an doing contractual family is the farm locations you see we cannot just go to a farm which we are not within the region that you normally have those contracted farmers and error thing is the farm site as the company we have to do the fun visit before we engage that farm for a new farmer if your new routine we always advises we start with harmonica yes from there all the regions for the market we have we normally go with the market the market because of off-peak and picks ISM we normally go with the market up there like for the high season normally comes in from Feb 2 May to June narrows down until September so starting from the same of starting from September that's what the height becomes so we engaged a lot of farmers on that time there what you normally with just in and if you are doing 2 kilos or 5 kilos you wanted to 10 kilos then from there we'll be able to have the conscience that you want for there for the export market and all that the market targets Gideon attests for the farm to produce the best extra fine variety suitable for his export market a kilo of French beans from the farm level fetches between 50 to 100 shillings depending on supply and demand this is one of our contracted family and he is one of the best actually where the acreage is 15 because as you can see and total production in a week goes to almost a time and this very good we we normally get the best best best extra file of 6.0 mm european market loves the great one french beans which is extra fine or fine therefore gideon ensures that this quality of production is adhered to for market satisfaction and growth of his business what we normally do is we need to have the best grade one they call it good only you in the European market we must have green one quality and that can only be attained if we have good agronomist in the farm technical devices in the farm and making sure that they see that we are buying a certified since yes there are several varieties of french beans Gideon ensures that all his contracted farmers have planted the Samantha and Amy varieties that produce the extra fine grade which is preferred by the European markets we have a lot of companies supplying as we see there are international companies but the variety that we grow we do Samantha and Amir variety which we normally get from Monsanto's all these seeds must be certified by catfish so when you go to buy seed as a farmer the first thing I look at where there's a heavy certificate of approval that okay you guys you can go ahead and buy so the moment we buy the two bugs of the ten bucks the Mon samples as a company has to do issue as with a certificate or the the certificate that they were given by catfish didn't elaborates how he vets farmers to contract to grow french beans for his market abroad what we normally do is to make sure those farmers within the region or close within where our vehicles can go we start a new station that region you normally look at how many if you are one in that region you see get another five farmers from the same same region because you cannot put one farmer unless he or she will be doing a large-scale yeah after contracting the farmers Gideon issuers to walk the journey with them while providing from inputs and advice for quality yields for us to be able to maintain the quality as a new farmer as a show of commitment we take we advice from us we do he or she must first by his own sins but it is us who will direct her we are to go and buy receipts so it's one way of commitment then from their Lord to the company supplies the farmers it seems we are taking a short break and when we come back we will get insights on how best to farm french beans for the export market you

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