Youth issued with construction equipment worth 20 million shillings

in a bid to boost the government speak for agenda development partners are calling for more partnerships in empowering the youth in the construction sector speaking during an equipment handover ceremony kcb foundation managing director Jen money said empowering the youth will enable them kickstart their micro enterprises in the construction sector and cause a positive domino effect in the economy after training who want them to go we want them to start their own businesses so we pour in resources and to buy them tools of trade from Bush so Bosch is a supplier of these tools of trade the tool kits are actually going to help me on whatever a pursuit that they are going to help me in my electrical installation work development partners say the efforts are part of a program where two thousand eight hundred and ninety-seven youth will be supported in the construction sector in a two pronged approach where an estimated 1738 youth will secure employment in housing construction projects in selected counties while 580 will establish their businesses in the construction sector if you are going to attract a contract and if you are going to execute you know to compete as they a supplier then you must come fully loaded and the for you know being fully loaded is having a technical skill is having the correct tools of fair trade and is wearing the gear there is important for you to execute the job Alan oko Channel One News

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