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Hello, today we visit the dolphins. Again and again you hear stories about the use of psychopharmaceutics at the zoo – especially at the dolphinarium. All I can say is: absolutely far-fetched ! Of course, there is a field of application for, for example, benzodiazepines such as Diazepam (trade name: Valium) also at the zoo. We use this in animals having epilepsy. We use this in animals that cramp under general anesthesia. We use this in premedication, for example, when we put a pelican under anesthesia Diazepam is one of the anesthetics we would use with the pelican. But of course there is no use to keep any animal here at the zoo. In dolphins Diazepam has a special field of application: it has an appetizing effect. The only reason is that if a dolphin for some reason is so sick, so that it don’t want to eat, it has a water deficit immediately. Dolphins take their entire fresh water only through eating fish. That’s why, they can not drink the salt water they live in, just like us. That is, we give a tiny, and you can not imagine how tiny that is, if you extrapolate the dosis on, for example, Ivo with his 270 pounds, amount of Diazepam. The animal is thus stimulated to eat again, gets enough freshwater and everything’s fine. You can count this by the fingers of one hand. These are single, few days, when the animals get medication like that an there are really only a few animals that get that. That is, there is no question of a constant medication, which would be total nonsense, because then it would cause a habituation to Diazepam, you would have to increase the dose again and again, at some point, the animals would simply float lethargic in the installation and, I think, everyone can clearly see that our animals are anything but lethargic. So that’s absolute nonsense! Also the so-called “pink glasses” do not here. We have a family group that has grown here. Five of our seven animals were born here. Of course they also have quarrels with each other, as well as at our home, probably at all homes. Sometimes you just do not get along with each other in families. This also happens here, but of course, it does not have to be medically influenced in any way. Therefore, this use is absolute nonsense and over and over again we have offered: “You point to an animal, we take blood, you can have it checked for antibiotics, psychotropic drugs, whatever you can think about, and I guarantee you, you will find nothing. For more than 15 years, Ivo, Pepina & Delphi did not get a gram of diazepam. Dörte, Debbie & Dobbie have never received diazepam. Only two animals of the current group have received diazepam since 2000. Ivo one day in 2000 and Daisy a few days in 2010 and in 2016. Every medication is checked by independent experts. There have never been any complaints at Zoo Duisburg. See for yourself: Dolphins in modern dolphinariums live longer, are healthier and less stressed than their wild counterparts. More than 80 of the most renowned scientists in this field support the husbandry and breeding of marine mammals at zoological institutions. If you liked the video, I would be very happy about a tumb up and if you have questions, write them down in the comment section. In order to never miss a video, subscribe our channel for free.


  1. Oliver S. Author

    Man merkt richtig Deine Freude am Anfang, heute bei den Delfinen sein zu dürfen 🙂
    Wie man sieht, sind auch die Zuschauerränge voll besetzt.
    Besucht doch auch mal die Delfine in Nürnberg, Moby, Nami & Co freuen sich sicher auch über euren Besuch!

  2. Kayce Cover Author

    This is really helpful! I have seen animal rights extremists accuse oceanariums of routinely sedating the whales and/or dolphins. It is really helpful to hear the truth, from someone who actually speaks from knowledge and authority. Thanks! Great video.

  3. Rainer Affenkeks Author

    Was ich mich seit längerem Frage ist, warum schmeißt Ihr WDSF, PETA und Co nicht einfach juristisch die Brügel raus, wenn Sie über Jahre hinweg Zoos mit solchen falschen Behauptungen schädigen? Bzw. sorgt dafür, dass Sie solche Aussagen richtig stellen?! Gerne auch als Videovorschlag


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